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World History

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World History - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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World History.

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world history

World History

Course Overview: Social Studies is a way to learn about the world. It draws on information from five fields of learning: geography, history, economics, government, and culture. Each field looks at the world from a different angle. I look forward to working with you this 2012-2013 school year.

social studies expectations
Social Studies Expectations
  • Teacher: Kathy Moon
  • Teacher Contact: 719 547-1175 Email:
  • Room: 138
  • Office Hours to meet with parents: Thursday 3:45-4:30 p.m.
  • School Web address:
  • Learning Objectives: Students will use geographic tools to solve problems, learn how human and physical systems vary and interact, identify and analyze different economic systems, learn about how saving and investing are key contributors to financial well being, analyze the interconnectedness of the United States and other nations and compare systems of government.
  • What does that mean? You will learn about maps, how different countries support themselves, what they trade, grow and buy, how to make money grow, see how the U.S. works in a global community, and how different countries are run. We have a president, but Canada has a constitutional monarchy.
  • Required Materials:
  • Paper, pencils, colored pencils, a hand sharpener, a spiral notebook for warm ups and active reading strategies which is used daily and graded per chapter.
class rules
Class Rules
  • Classroom and School Rules
  • I will be an active learner
  • I will have respect for people, school property and the property of others
  • I will respect the right of everyone to a safe, secure environment free of the fear of violence.
  • I will raise my hand to speak
  • I will follow the rules in the school handbook
  • Homework: Anything due the following day is posted on the board under “Planner”. Into our daily routine, we will fill out the planner with any assignment due.
  • Grades: Below is the standard grading scale we will follow in class. If you have an excused absence, you will have a day for every day absent to make up the work. Refer to the board calendar by the door to see what you missed in class, or the web site.
  • Worksheets can be downloaded on my web page, or you may find a copy in the box under the calendar in your class file. Remember grades are not given, they are earned.
  • 90%-100% A , 80%-90% B, 70%-80% C, 60%-70% D, Below 59% F
classroom procedures
Classroom Procedures
  • How to come into my classroom:
  • Quietly walk in and go to your assigned seat.
  • Immediately get out your spiral notebook. (One just for my class)
  • Start the warm up for the day that is on the overhead. Start right under the last one. Do not skip pages.
  • We will do warm-ups the first 10 minutes of class.

These are Response questions, or pre reading strategy for section.Collected once every chapter for a grade.

end of class
End of Class
  • How to leave the classroom:
  • Five minutes before the class is over, puck up and throw away all trash.
  • Remain in your seat until you are dismissed.
restroom time
Restroom Time
  • Restroom and Drink Breaks
  • Quietly raise your hand with only your thumb showing. Wait for me to make eye contact with you; once I make eye contact, you can be sure I know that you need and you can put your hand down.
  • I will dismiss you when I can (remember no breaks while I am teaching, or while reading the chapter as a class. Go directly to the restroom or drinking fountain and return promptly. If you choose to go anywhere else, you are choosing to lose the ability to go again. I will report the offence to Mr. Nava as a truancy.
  • You will be given a textbook to keep at home. This book is to be kept in an area where you will always know where to find it, preferably an area where you will study.
  • Any damage to the book will result in a fine, for part, or all of the book. The book costs approximately 65.00. You will check out your book, list the wear and tear, as well as the number of the book. You may only turn back in this book, no other number for credit.

We will read and know the Skyview handbook rules that can be found in your planner.

Students who are absent from school because of an excused absence will have the same number of days that they can make up their work. It will be the responsibility of the student to gather their assignments and turn it in on time. Homework and class assignments can be accessed via the school’s web site. Unexcused absences will have the same number of days to make up the work, but will receive a deduction in points.