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World History

World History

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World History

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  1. World History Chapter 8 Islam By: Treyton and Kayla

  2. Timeline 622 AD- Mohammed and followers go on Hegira 622 AD- Emperor Heraclius of Constantinople invades Persia to reclaim the “True Cross” taken from Jerusalem—returned it to the Holy Sepulcher—630 AD 630 AD- M re-enters Makah (mecca), idols out of Kaibab, people convert 632 AD- Mohammed dies, Abu Bark becomes 1st caliph 650 AD- controlled Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Persia, Egypt (jihad) 732 AD- Christians (Charles Martel) and Moslems battle, Tours, France

  3. The 5 Pillars Faith Prayer Alms Fasting Pilgrimage The 5 Pillars of Faith are the basic teachings of Islam.

  4. Facts Islam was founded in 622 by Muhammad. Muhammad was born in Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Followers of this religion are called Muslims. The origin of Islam began on the Arabian peninsula. They worshipped the god Allah. Islam was one of the three religions that originated in the Middle East along with Judaism and Christianity.

  5. Facts Islam spread into the Holy Land ( where Jesus once lived ), North Africa, and into France. Muslim civilization was very advanced. Especially in the areas of art, architecture, mathematics, irrigation, and science. Their holy book is called the Koran. It demanded that Muslims be submissive.

  6. Facts About 1000 AD Western Europe was ending the Dark Ages. The Byzantine Empire asked the Catholic Church for help against the threat of Muslim attack The crusades were planned to protect the Byzantine Empire and regain the Holy Land from the Muslims. The worked for a while by eventually the Muslims retook the Holy Land.

  7. Facts There was a total of 7 Crusades. The Ottoman Turks finally overran the Byzantine Empire in 1453 AD.

  8. Impact of the Crusades on Western Europe New Products Prosperity Rebirth of Western Europe Military success

  9. Inventions Paper Gunpowder Magnetic Compass Game of Chess Math Medicine Science