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World History

World History. Course Syllabus.

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World History

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  1. World History

  2. Course Syllabus • 8th Grade Social Studies covers several areas of history mandated by the NJ State Department of Education in its Core Curriculum Content Standards. From September through June, we will complete the World History requirements outlined in the NJCCCS including an examination of the Prehistory, River Valley Civilizations, and Ancient Civilizations as well as the development of government. • Throughout the year, we will create constant and meaningful connections to the 21st Century to accurately show our students the relevancy of the eras we will be studying.

  3. Curricular Sequencing World History • Prehistoric Era • River Valley Civilizations • Early Religions • The Classical Era • Monotheism and Expansion • The Medieval Era • Expanding Exchanges & Encounters

  4. Classroom Rules Mrs. B’s 4Bs Be Prepared. Come to class prepared with necessary materials: Interactive Notebook, charged chromebook with charger, a SHARP pencil (no sharpening during our lesson, pens (to correct), assignment pad/agenda, and completed homework assignments. Be respectful. Respect others in our classroom,respect the property in the classroom, Be on time. Be an active participant.

  5. Materials Needed Daily • 1- 3 Subject Notebook--- You may need to replace this notebook later in the year. • Folder for Personalized Learning • Tape • Agenda book- keep track of test dates, long-term assignments, and homework • Charged Chromebook with Charger

  6. Classroom Systems • Agenda Board —tells what the “Do Now” is for that day, the objective is for the lesson, and the activity that will be done • Absentee Files– System where handouts are available, if necessary for the day’s lesson. This is where you go to get what you missed. Class notes and resource materials can be found online. If you are absent, you should look for these online to keep up with what is going on in class. You may also email your teacher if you are absent. • *Note: if you are absent due to a NON health related issue (vacation, competing with a team, etc.) all work is due the day you return. If you are sick, you will have extended time. • Chrome Books- used to access the online textbook series. Students will be assigned a chrome book to be used IN CLASS. Students will be RESPONSIBLE for the CARE of the chrome book assigned to them and it must be charged nightly. You should also have your charger with you.

  7. Grading Grades reflect the demonstration of knowledge and the understanding of concepts. • 50%-Unit Assessments (Tests, large scale projects, and assignments) • 30%- Smaller Assessments (Quizzes/Small projects, and class assignments) • 10% Homework • 10% Independent Marking Period Activity

  8. Summit Learning/Independent Work Each Marking Period there will be one Independent Activity and two Summit Learning Units. Although there will be some official due dates, these are long-term and you will be able to work at your own pace. These are also a part of your grade. • Independent Activities are graded as a “Class Assignment” • Power Focus Area Quizzes are graded as “Small Assessments”(30%) • Notes will be graded as “Class Assignments”

  9. ELO/PLT • PLT- is Personalized Learning Time • During ELO you will work on your Personalized Learning goals in Summit Learning Platform • You must go to your scheduled ELO (on occasion you may be permitted to see another teacher with permission but first priority is Social Studies) • Take your PLT Folder and utilize the plan to progress toward your goal for the class period.

  10. Summit Marking Period Assignments MP 1 • Independent Activity MP1 • PFA #1- Early Humans: Paleolithic Culture • PFA #2- Ancient Mesopotamian Civilization MP 2 • Independent Activity MP2 • PFA #3- Ancient Egypt: Egyptian Culture • PFA #4- Hinduism & Buddhism

  11. Summit Marking Period Assignments MP 3 • Independent Activity MP3 • PFA #5- Forms of Government: Greece & Rome • PFA #6- Ancient Rome: The Roman Republic MP 4 • Independent Activity MP4 • PFA #7- Monotheistic Religions • PFA #8- Medieval Europe

  12. Homework A, B, & C • Homework A- Study Tool Options • Homework B- Open-Ended Writing Assignment • Homework C- Teacher Provided Worksheet

  13. Contact Information Please reach out to me with any questions via my school email or see me after class. cburtnick@coltsneckschools.org

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