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World History

World History. Week of 01/21 to 01/24. Agenda Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014. Editing Journal Tue – Thur (3 only) Collect/ Review Infographic and one paragraph summary HW Copy New Imperialism diagram on BACK of pg. 5, finish for HW Cut and Paste 9.1 Summary FRONT and Notetaking BACK pg. 6

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World History

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  1. World History Week of 01/21 to 01/24

  2. Agenda Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014 • Editing Journal Tue – Thur (3 only) • Collect/ Review Infographicand one paragraph summary HW • Copy New Imperialism diagram on BACK of pg. 5, finish for HW • Cut and Paste 9.1 Summary FRONT and NotetakingBACK pg. 6 HW - Chap 9.1 pg. 286 (3 terms) and 9.2 pg. 290 (12 terms) BOTH DUEFRIDAY

  3. Agenda Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014 HWPERIOD 1 and 2 - CNN Student News Questions 1 – 4 for Jan 21, 2014 also DUE FRIDAY 1. Who is Kenneth Bae? In what country is he being held? Why does that country say he was arrested? How has his mother responded? 2. What announcement did President Obama make regarding NSA surveillance? According to the video, what are the most significant policy changes that will be made? What are some critics saying about these proposals? 3. What important event in the Civil Rights Movement included Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech? When did this event take place? 4. According to the video, what team is known as the biggest underdog in bobsledding? What is currently holding the team back from competing in the Sochi Olympics? Answer questions on edmodo or on a separate piece of paper.

  4. Editing Journal, Tues, Jan 21Write on a separate paper and turn in Thursday 1. confederate general stonewall jackson was born on january 21 1824 2. the first novel published in america was published on this day in 1789 1. Confederate General Stonewall Jackson was born on January 21, 1824. 2. The first novel published in America was published on this day in 1789.

  5. HW – Copy this diagram on BACK of pg. 5, I will STAMP tomorrow. Also on edmodo.

  6. 9.1 Summary and Notetaking – cut and paste pg. 6 FRONT / BACK BACK of pg. 6 FRONT of pg. 6

  7. Cornell Notes pg. 7 • What is Imperialism? • What is the “New Imperialism”? • How did Industrial Revolution cause the New Imperialism? • It is the domination of one country over another. • In the 180 Europeans began an aggressive expansion. • Manufacturers need raw material like rubber and petroleum. Also colonies were new places to sell their goods and provide new places to live for growing population.

  8. Cornell Notes pg. 7 4. How did Nationalism cause the New Imperialism? 5. What is Social Darwinism? 6. How did imperial powers control colonies? 7. What is a sphere of influence? 4. Europeans felt it was a symbol of power and prestige for their country to expand to a global empire. 5. French used direct rule sending officials to the colony. 6. British used indirect rule using local rulers called protectorates. 7. Outside powers claim exclusive investment or trading privileges. Europeans did this to avoid conflict with each other.

  9. Agenda Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2014 • Editing Journal Tue – Thur (3 only) • STAMP pg. 5 “Causes of Imperialism” • Fill in notes for 9.1 notebook pg. 6 • Intro to Imperialism POWERPOINT Questions 1 - 7, notebook pg. 8 • Return TED and Indust Rev. Quiz • BRING BOOK TOMORROW! HW - Chap 9.1 pg. 286 (3 terms) and 9.2 pg. 290 (12 terms) BOTH DUEFRIDAY

  10. Editing Journal, Wed, Jan 22Write on a separate paper and turn in Thursday • the first postal route which was from boston to new york was established on january 22 1672 • andreampere was born on january 22 1775 the ampere the unit of electrical current was named after him • The first postal route, which was from Boston to New York, was established on January 22, 1672. • Andre Ampere was born on January 22, 1775. The Ampere, the unit of electrical current, was named after him.

  11. Chap 9.1 Summary Questions 1 and 2 1. What kind of technology aided imperialism? A1. Manufacturers needed natural resources and new markets for their goods. 2. How is a protectorate different from a sphere of influence? A2. Protectorate is a local ruler following the Europeans’ advice. A sphere of influence is the exclusive investment or trading privilege in an area. • (See Map on pg. 293)

  12. Intro to Imperialism Questions 1 – 6 Cut and paste all of the questions in your notebook PAGE 8, then write answers below. 1. What is the definition of Imperialism? 2. What are three reasons one nation would dominate another? 3. What is Social Darwinism/ White Man’s Burden? 4. Who would come into a colony first, second, then last? 5. Where did dominant nations take over countries? 6. What were the 3 reasons why these areas were controlled by foreigners?

  13. Agenda Thursday, Jan. 23, 2014 • Editing Journal Tue – Thur (Collect today) • Map Activity and video Quests in notebook pg. 9 (Front and Back) HW - Chap 9.1 pg. 286 (3 terms) and 9.2 pg. 290 (12 terms) BOTH DUETOMORROW!!

  14. Editing Journal, Thur, Jan 23Write on a separate paper and turn in Thursday 1. john hancock was born today in 1737 he was the first man to sign the declaration of independence 2. althea gibson became the first africanamerican voted female athlete of the year it happened on january 23 1958 1. John Hancock was born today in 1737. He was the first man to sign the Declaration of Independence. 2. Althea Gibson became the first African-American voted Female Athlete of the Year. It happened on January 23, 1958.

  15. Map Activity Video BACK of pg.8 cont Video Questions – youtube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkJNGfb7eRg 1. How much of Africa did European countries control between 1880 and 1914? 2. What was the purpose of the Berlin Conference? 3. What were the two independent countries left in Africa? 4. What were the TWO reasons Europeans were able to conquer more of Africa? 5. Why was the Suez Canal so important? Standard 10.4 Imperialism

  16. Map of Africa In textbook pg. 293

  17. Map Activity in notebook pg.9 • Open up your textbooks to the map on page 293 and answer the following questions in your notebook. 1. Which European countries had land in Africa in 1914? Britain, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Belgium 2. What percentage of Africa did Europeans control in 1850? How about 64 years later in 1914? 1850 – about 10% 1914 – about 90% 3. Which two countries had the most amount of land in 1914? Britain and France had the most land in Africa Standard 10.4 Imperialism

  18. Agenda Friday, Jan. 24, 2014 • Collect Chap 9.1 and 9.2 Terms HW • Chap 9.1 Notetaking diagram BACK of pg. 6 • Map Quiz – 1 - 4 • ABC Baby NATIVES Pictures book – In class assignment for ONE, HW -THREE more due next Wednesday

  19. Chap 9.1 Notetaking, BACK of pg. 6

  20. The ABC for Baby Patriots Picture BookWriting Activity – Turn in end of period A is the Army That dies for the Queen; It’s the very best Army That ever was seen. C is for Colonies Rightly we boast, That of all the great nations Great Britain has the most Mary Frances Ames published a children picture reading book in 1899 as a tool to teach British children on what it meant to be British. This book demonstrates the mentality and the values of the British people during the 19th century. Read the following text and create your own ABC Baby NATIVESPicture Book. http://digilib.usm.edu/cdm/ref/collection/dgbooks/id/2738

  21. The ABC for Baby Patriots Picture BookWriting Activity – Turn in end of period I is for India Our land in the East Where everyone goes To shoot tigers and feast. After reading the examples, create your own ABC Baby NATIVES Picture Book. Create four alphabets With an explanation and a picturethat shows imperialism from the viewpoint of those who were colonized. (The natives)

  22. Next Week - Africa

  23. Writing Activity – For MONDAY 1. What are the African men holding and how do they look? How do the white missionaries look? 2. Since these native Africans work for the Rubber Company and the missionaries do not, why do you think they took this picture? What kind of message is this picture sending about the Rubber Company? 3. How does the fact that both the white missionaries and Africans are standing side by side affect your idea of the role of the colonizers in the “civilizing mission”?

  24. Chap 9.2 Notetaking in notebook pg. 10

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