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World History

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World History

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    1. World History Chapter 11 Section 1 Quiz

    2. What leader was the greatest of all Frankish kings? Clovis Pepin Charles Martel Charlemagne

    3. Which group was not a group in the social structure of Germanic tribes? Kings Nobles Merchants Semi-free men Slaves

    4. Since the early times, Germans were migratory ____________ Traders Raiders Farmers Herders

    5. Archaeologists think the Germans originally settled where? Gaul Spain Scandinavia Austria

    6. Clovis was the first king of what dynasty? Merovingians (Franks) Anglo-Saxons Visigoths Ostrogoths

    7. Among possible targets of the Vikings, what group of people were their favorite target? Children Nuns Monks Muslims

    8. This group of invaders were mistaken as Huns because they were so brutal. Who were they? Muslims Magyars Franks Vandals

    9. What group represented the most serious threat to Christian Europe? Pagans Vikings Magyars Muslims

    10. Charles Martel ended the Muslim expansion into Europe by defeating them in what French town? Paris Normandy Tours Orleans

    11. What group of invaders name stuck as a label on people who destroyed property senselessly? Vikings Visigoths Huns Vandals

    12. Bonus For 5 pts: What is the term in the 3 field system that means to let land “rest”. And for 5 pts: The word renaissance means what?

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