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World History

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World History . Unit 1: Beginning of Civilization Ch 1 & 2. Taking notes from my presentations…. DO NOT WRITE WORD-FOR-WORD This will be waaaay too much work for you I never ask questions on assessments requiring an exact quote from the notes Jot down SUMMARIZED info and keywords

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world history

World History

Unit 1: Beginning of Civilization

Ch 1 & 2

taking notes from my presentations
Taking notes from my presentations…
    • This will be waaaay too much work for you
    • I never ask questions on assessments requiring an exact quote from the notes
  • Jot down SUMMARIZED info and keywords
    • Put things in YOUR OWN words
      • This requires you to understand the material before you can write it down. Simply copying is NOT learning
    • KISS = Keep It Short and Sweet, use abbreviations
    • Make a list and expand your vocabulary
what is history
What is history?
  • History is defined as a narrative of past events of a particular people, country, period, person, etc., usually written as a chronological account
historical scientists
Historical Scientists
  • Many scientists work as a team to make new discoveries about how prehistoric people lived
    • Archaeologists- excavate and study traces of early settlements.
    • Anthropologists- study past cultures for behavior and social patterns.
    • Paleontologists- use techniques to date ancient remains.

“Ice Man” Otzi – pg 15

“Lucy” – pg 7

human species
Human Species
  • Homo Erectus: First migrating humans (from Africa)
  • Homo Sapiens: Modern day humans
    • Neanderthals: religious beginnings, cavemen, hunters with tools
    • Cro-Magnon: superior hunter lead to bigger population, spoken language, created art
open your textbooks
Open your textbooks 
  • Pg 8-9: timeline
  • Pg 9: Empire State Building
  • Pg 10: migration map
  • Pg 12-13: cave paintings
cave paintings
Cave Paintings
  • Interesting facts:
    • Most focused on hunters and animals.
    • stick figures for people, but the animals were well drawn with more shape and substance.
    • In order to reach the places where cave paintings have been found, Cro-Magnon man had to crawl on his belly, through mazes of narrow, dark tunnels, by the light of a flicking torch or a spoon-like oil lamp, and carrying the paints he had carefully prepared
    • Were discovered accidentally. The caves in Lascaux, France were found around 1940, during World War II, by some kids. They stumbled across the entrance to a cave that had been hidden by the roots of a tree.
tpeqea choose one prompt
TPEQEA – Choose one prompt
  • How is the work of anthropologists valuable for people living today?
  • In order for civilizations to develop, why was it essential for man to first have tools?
  • What does the artistic style of cave paintings tell us about the lives of Cro-Magnon?
for homework
For homework…
  • Choose a favorite quote that you will depict in cave painting style
  • Bring this written down with you tomorrow
  • You may not use the quotes I have around my classroom
cave painting quotes
Cave Painting Quotes
  • Please share with the class…
    • What is your quote?
    • Why did you pick this quote?
poster requirements
Poster Requirements
  • Must be in the historical artistic style of real cave paintings
  • Must explain your quote through pictures with NO words
cities develop
Cities Develop
  • Development of better tools improves farming and hunting
    • Leads to food surplus
      • Leads to larger populations
        • Leads to different jobs
          • Leads to social classes and leisure time
what is a civilization
What is a Civilization?
  • What do you think?
  • Civilizations (according to historians) must have at least 5 elements… (pg 19-21)
1 advanced cities
1. Advanced Cities
  • Center of trade for a larger area
  • Goods are brought to markets to exchange

Ancient city of Jericho

2 specialized workers
2. Specialized Workers
  • Large population meant too many farmers
    • Other jobs emerged: traders, gov’t officials, priests, artisans
      • Artisans made things like jewelry, metal tools and weapons, pottery, clothing, etc.
3 complex institutions
3. Complex Institutions
  • Governments were created to rule over people
  • Religion develops
    • Most cities had temples
  • Economy is established
4 record keeping
4. Record Keeping
  • Need to keep track of taxes, laws, calendar dates, rituals, etc.
  • Scribes wrote about wars, natural disasters, the reign of kings, etc.
    • Ancient Sumerians wrote in cuneiform: writing with a stylus (sharpened reed) onto wet clay in symbols, then bake the clay in the sun. (pg 21)
5 improved technology
5. Improved Technology
  • Developed to solve problems in society
    • Animal powered plows
    • Potter’s wheel for bowls and jugs
    • Metal workers mixed copper and tin together to form bronze
      • Used for weapons and tools (Bronze age)
6 cultural identity mrs cox s extra element
#6 Cultural Identity(Mrs. Cox’s extra element)
  • Shared ethnicity
    • Can include language, traditions, rites of passage, cultural celebrations, clothing style, set of moral values, social mores, family structure, sports and recreation, etc.
  • Necessary for unification and sustainability
tpeqea choose one prompt1
TPEQEA – Choose one prompt
  • What is a modern example of specialized workers in the US today?
  • How has record keeping allowed civilization in the US to flourish?
  • Which element of civilization is the most essential?
create your own civilization project
Create Your Own Civilization Project
  • Your group will write a novella about a civilization that you invent.
    • You will receive an individual exam grade for your part of the project
    • You will also receive a group project grade for the presentation and explanation of your novella to the class
chapter 1 to be completed by entire group together
Chapter #1 – To be completed by entire group together
  • What is the name of your civilization?
  • What time period do they live in?
    • This can be a past, present, or even futuristic
  • Where is your civilization located?
    • This can be below, on, or above earth or even on a different planet or galaxy
chapter 2
Chapter #2
  • What makes up the cultural identity of your civilization?
    • Include clothing style, social mores, family structure, recreation activities, and entertainment
    • Make sure that all religious traditions, holidays, and rites of passage are all consistent with your ethnicity
  • Create visuals and/or diagrams (separate from your writing of the story) to enhance your chapter.
chapter 3
Chapter #3
  • Create a timeline of significant events from the history of your civilization
    • Describe how your civilization came to be.
    • What has happened to bring your people to where they are today?
  • Create a visual that is a map for the main city of your civilization
    • Include places of worship, business, government centers, recreation, etc.
chapter 4
Chapter #4
  • Invent a religion for your civilization and explain their religious beliefs and practices
    • Make sure to communicate these beliefs with your other group members so that they may be present in the other task presentations
    • What rites of passage, holidays, and traditions will be celebrated?
  • Create visuals and/or diagrams (separate from your writing of the story) to enhance your chapter.
chapter 5
Chapter #5
  • Decide what type of governing body would best represent your civilization and explain the workings of this governing body
    • Create a list of at least 10 laws
      • Make sure other group members are aware of these laws so that they may be present in the other task presentations
  • Create visuals and/or diagrams (separate from your writing of the story) to enhance your chapter.
chapter 6
Chapter #6
  • Describe what jobs and economic activities are needed in your civilization.
    • Work with others to decide what technology and tools are essential
    • What kind of currency system will they use?
  • Include the hierarchy of social classes
    • What makes one class different than the others?
  • Create visuals (separate from your writing of the story) to enhance your chapter