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World History

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World History. Week of 02/18 to 02/21. Agenda Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014. Editing Journal Tue – Thur (3 only) Work on Imperialism Project – Today and tomorrow, DUE Thur Feb 20 Cut , Paste and complete 11.1 Summary and Notetaking in notebook, BACK of 18

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world history

World History

Week of 02/18 to 02/21

agenda tuesday feb 18 2014
Agenda Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014
  • Editing Journal Tue – Thur (3 only)
  • Work on Imperialism Project – Today and tomorrow, DUE Thur Feb 20
  • Cut, Paste and complete 11.1 Summary and Notetaking in notebook, BACK of 18

HW– Chap 11.1 Vocab and Standards Check Questions on edmodo, DUEFRIDAY

hw due friday february 21
HWdue Friday, February 21

Define Chap 11.1 Terms

-entente - ultimatum - militarism- mobilize

- Alsace and Lorraine - neutrality

Standards Check Questions for Chap 11.1 in COMPLETE SENTENCES.

1. What two large alliances took shape before the beginning of World War I?

2. What happened because of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand and his wife?

3. How did the alliance system deepen the original conflict between Austria-Hungary and Serbia into a general war?

4. Why were young men on both sides eager to fight when World War I started?

Answer questions on edmodo or on a separate piece of paper.

editing journal tues feb 18 write on a separate paper and turn in thursday
Editing Journal, Tues, Feb 18Write on a separate paper and turn in Thursday
  • san francisco golden gate international exposition opened on february 18 1939
  • mark twains the adventures of huckleberry finn was published on this day in 1885
  • San Francisco Golden Gate International Exposition opened on February 18, 1939.
  • Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was published on this day in 1885.
agenda wednesday feb 19 2014
Agenda Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2014
  • No Editing Journal
  • Work on Imperialism Project – Today, DUE Tomorrow Feb 20
agenda thursday feb 20 2014
Agenda Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014
  • NO Editing Journal this week!
  • Cut and Paste Chap 11.1 Summary and Notetaking pg. 19 FRONT and BACK
  • Cut and Paste Causes of WWI pg. 20
  • WWI Powerpoint
  • Fill in notes for pg. 20

HW – Chap 11.1 Vocab and Quests 1 - 4

agenda friday feb 21 2014
Agenda Friday, Feb 21, 2014
  • Collect Chap 11.1 HW
  • Cornell Notes, notebook BACK of pg. 20, MAIN causes of WWI
  • Activity – Foursquare chart poster and in notebook pg. 21
why did world war i happen the main causes back of pg 20
Why did World War I Happen?The MAIN causes (BACK of pg. 20)

M – Militarism

A – Alliances

I – Imperialism

N - Nationalism

Militarism: Glorifying military power. Keeping nation ready for war

Alliances – Countries formed partnerships to feel secure and safe

Imperialism – Competition for colonies to trade with and get resources

Nationalism – Deep loyalty to your nation and desire to overpower and out produce other nations

Europe before WWI

They were competing yet no major wars. Tension is increasing!

create a poster of your main idea
Create a Poster of your MAIN idea
  • Using the information and the pictures, create a poster explaining the MAIN cause that you are researching
  • Be sure to have all group members names on the TOP right of poster
  • Be ready to share or present
analyze posters of main ideas
Analyze Posters of MAIN ideas
  • Create a foursquare chart in your notebook pg. 21. Write the information and draw pictures in each of the four sections for the MAIN causes.
  • When you have completed your own notebook, show Ms. Isakson for a stamp


Have a great weekend!

main cause militarism
MAIN Cause - Militarism
  • Between 1870 and 1914, European nations increase military spend by 400%
  • Many believed war was coming, began preparing
  • German, Russian Generals extremely powerful
  • Arms race developed
main cause militarism1
MAIN Cause - Militarism

Poison Gas

Machine Guns



main cause alliances
MAIN Cause: Alliances
  • Entangling alliances pull everyone into the war
  • Triple Alliance (Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy) “AGI”
  • Triple Entente (Britain, France, and Russia) “BFR”
  • France was concerned about Germany’s growing military
  • England was concerned

with Germany’s navy

main cause imperialism
MAIN Cause - Imperialism
  • Nationalism and industrialization tied to colonial holdings
  • Need for markets and raw materials => imperialism
  • Competition for colonies increases tensions
  • European nations military, political, and economic domination of Africa and Asia build confidence
main cause imperialism1
MAIN Cause - Imperialism

China, India and Africa

main cause nationalism
MAIN Cause: Nationalism
  • Starting with the French Revolution
  • National identities become important, desire dominance and prestige
  • 1871 Germany and Italy become nations – they want to catch up with Britain, France
  • Pride in country partly based upon industrial capacity, colonies