the southern colonies n.
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The Southern Colonies PowerPoint Presentation
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The Southern Colonies

The Southern Colonies

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The Southern Colonies

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  1. The Southern Colonies Virginia Maryland Carolina North Carolina South Carolina

  2. Virginia • Founded by John Smith in 1605 • Virginia was founded for gold and riches. • The first colonists to settle Virginia were wealthy gentlemen. • Because of the rich soil tobacco was easy to grow. • After awhile tobacco became one of Virginia’s main cash crops • The main aspiration of these colonists was to make money. • The predominant religion was Protestant.

  3. Maryland The first settlers landed in the Chesapeake Bay on February 23, 1634 on the Dove and on the Ark The capital (Baltimore) was named after Lord Baltimore. Maryland was founded by Cecil Calvert. (George Calvert’s son) Maryland was founded to be a safe place for people of all religions. Maryland reaches the mouth of the Potomac River. Colonists planted corn, wheat and tobacco. Women were treated very badly. Most of these colonist came to America as an indentured servant. George Calvert George Calvert was a Catholic who feared the growing power of the Puritans. He decided to leave England to start a colony in North America. He asked the king if he would grant him a charter. He granted him land north of the Potomac River. George Calvert died before he ever got to see the land.

  4. Cecil Calvert Women wore long dresses and corsets. Because of the corsets lots of women had broken ribs. The men wore long pants called breeches. Maryland was the first proprietary colony. Maryland was named after Queen Consort Henrietta Maria the wife of Brittan's King Charles 1 One of the other reasons that people came to Maryland was to get a good education. Cecil Calvert was George Calvert’s son. He was known as the second Lord Baltimore. When his father died he continued the trip and founded present day Maryland. Since the Calverts were Catholics , Maryland the first catholic colony.

  5. Important Facts about Maryland Colonies Capital: Annapolis Largest City: Baltimore Residents’ Name: Marylanders Major Industries: farming, steel products, Fishing Population ( in 1700s): 25000 • Balitmore -corn, dairy products and soy beans • Harford -cattle, dairy products, soybeans, and corn • Washington -fruit, soybeans, poultry, dairy products and cattle

  6. Carolina • Before North Carolina and South Carolina were made separate colonies they were part of the colony Carolina. • Carolina was a royal colony • In 1653 king Charles issued a royal charter to eight nobles to settle the lands south of Virginia. • After this colony was founded lots of Virginians moved into this area. • After a awhile because of internal problems the colony was split up into North and South Carolina. • The Carolinas were named after the king. Carolus is the Latin word for Charles.

  7. North Carolina • The geography of North Carolina is hilly and covered in forests. • One of the major industries is farming (tobacco, rice and indigo) • North Carolina had rich farm land. • These colonists did not have to worry about surviving cold winters. • This colony relied on its good weather and great agriculture. • Predominant religion was Anglican

  8. South Carolina • South Carolina’s cash crops were furs, indigo, tobacco and farming products • The geography of South Carolina is hilly and full of forests. • One of the major industries is fishing. • The Southern Colonies had the warmest weather out of all of the colonies. • Major city is Charleston • In South Carolina there was lots of religious tolerance

  9. Pictures of South carolina

  10. Georgia • Was the last colony to be founded • Founded in 1730 • Founded by James Oglethorpe • Founded for the poor • Was an alternative to debtors prison • Named after King George 2 • Major city is Savannah • Major industry is planting rice, sugar and indigo

  11. Pictures that represent Georgia

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