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The Southern Colonies PowerPoint Presentation
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The Southern Colonies

The Southern Colonies

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The Southern Colonies

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    3. Southern Colonies Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia the Southern Colonies

    4. Colony of Virginia Virginia host the claim of being the first colony in the New World Jamestown in Va, some 40 miles up the James River Founded by Capt John Smith and the London Company Most of the original colonist were not prepared They were not farmers they were merchants In England the merchants would not have been expected to help out so in the New World they carried over their class structure and refused 2/3rds of the inhabitants died first winter

    5. Built a fort in 1608 to protect the survivors Harder workers were rewarded More colonist arrived from England Colony did not make a profit until a new crop called tobacco was established After 20 some odd years of not being able to protect its people the London Companies charter was revoked and Virginia became a Royal Colony in 1624 Headright system- gave 50 acres of land for each colonist who paid their own way to Va. Gave 50 additional for every additional person they brought

    12. Maryland Founded in 1632 by a request to King Charles by Lord Baltimore Located just North of Virginia Founded for Catholics primarily Was to be a Propriety Colony Owners controlled the colony 1634, 200 English Catholics arrived in Maryland By 1640 protestants started to arrive also Conflicts arose between the various religions Passed the Toleration Act of 1649

    13. Carolinas Originally the Lands South of Virginia was established as one large Colony All Lands South of Virginia to Florida was given to eight supporters of Charles II 1712 the large colony was seperated into 2 separate colonies because of the large distances between settlements and the problems with Governing such a large area Many of the Colonist in North Carolina were farmers from Virginia

    14. South Carolina Colonist primarily from Europe settled South Carolina Those who paid their own way received large land grants Brought slaves with them from Africa By 1730 there was some 20,000 Africans living in the colony, compared to some 10,000 White Settlers Proprietors managed it so badly that their government was overthrown Crown took over both North and South in 1729

    15. Georgia Lord Oglethorpe was given a Land Grant By the King George II Georgia was designed to be a buffer zone between the English Colonies to the North and the Spanish Colony of Florida England and Spain had been bitter enemies for years Oglethorpe wanted Georgia to be a safe haven for debtors who were trying to escape other colonies debtor laws

    16. He wanted a colony of small farms Wanted to forbid slavery in his colony also As the colony grew so did the number of people who came to the colony Demand for Slavery grew In 1752, The British Government made Georgia a Royal Colony Shortly after large Rice Plantations with huge amounts of slaves came to be

    24. Economy The South was as different as anything in the North This is not to say that they did not have the same types of mercantile and trades they are primarily located on the Plantation itself Slave represented the majority of the labor force Slaves outnumbered Whites in many areas They grew crops like Tobacco, rice, Cotton, and indigo meant to be exported to foreign countries for processing

    25. Politics in each area was different also In New England Town Hall meetings we prevalent where all the free males decided laws and governed In the Middle Colonies local government was decided on by the land owning white males and laws were made and followed In the South Rich aristocrats ran the local governments and usually many areas were run by the local plantation owner

    26. Colonial Government was run by a governor that was appointed by the King of England. He served at the will of the King and received his instructions from the King. Information flowed in one direction downhill The colonial assembly was elected by free white landowners There were no females allowed to vote There was definitely no blacks or colored people of any sort allowed to vote or hold office

    27. Laws could be made so long as they did not supersede laws enacted by Britain or contrary to British Laws Most laws regardless of where it was enacted was based on English common law and the church In New England Church had a major influence on laws and justice

    28. For the most part the monetary system was based on Bartering Bartering works on the principle of I do something for you so therefore you owe me something. Could be time, Labor, money, crops, eggs, meat Worked well for the most part as there was not a lot of hard currency in the colonies Most hard currency went to pay taxes

    29. Our Focus Our Primary Focus deals with life in the Colonies from 1763 onward As we moved from 1763 on we will be concerned with how changes occurred and why and the reaction from Colonist and also from England

    30. This Concludes todays Lesson Are there any Questions?