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  1. Memory

  2. When you understand how memory works, you have the tool to improve your job performance, school achievement, and personal success.

  3. We have to understand what we are doing is trying to transfer some information from our Short Term Memory System into our Long Term Memory System.

  4. The problem is that our Long Term Memory System has a Secretary whose job it is to keep trivia away. This is the Reticular Activating System which acts like a gate or filter to the Long Term Memory System. The RAS only lets Unique or Important things into the Bosses area.

  5. In order to learn something thoroughly you need to be interested in it. We need to find ways to make information relevant and Unique to and in our daily lives.

  6. Ways to get interested in something: • Find a study partner • Do Extra Practice or Research • Teach the subject to someone else • Find ways to make a subject personal to you • Find ways to make it kinesthetic or physically manipulative • Engage your emotions about the Subject

  7. The RAS (Reticular Activation System) likes: Color Motion Form Depth High Contrast Novelty

  8. Most of us are swamped with Information And Starved for Meaning

  9. Learning is the acquisition of information Memory is the Retention of that information Recall is the ability to retrieve the stored information

  10. You have a better memory than you think you have. You just haven’t learned to use it efficiently. All it takes is for you to adjust the way you commit things to your memory in the first place.

  11. There are four general methods of retaining data depending on what type of data you want to remember: • People’s Names • Numerical Data • New Words • General Information

  12. People’s Names • People love the sound of their name. • Forgetting a person’s name is one of the worst insults you can make. • Forgetting a person’s name can cause a loss in: • Employment • Friendships • Advancement • Business • Respect

  13. Use Association Tools to Remember Names Step One: Make a conscious decision to remember the name of every person you meet. Step Two: When introduced make sure you have the name right. Ask for it to be spelled if in doubt. Step Three: After being introduced use the name often in the conversation. Step Four: Associate the name with a physical characteristic, a character trait, a personality trait, or something else unique about the person. Step Five: At the end of the day make a list of each person you have met. Write down the name and any association about them. Review this list periodically.

  14. Numerical Data The tool here is to convert the digits you want to remember to words. To do this we learn a key letter for each number 0-9: 0 = Z zero 1 = t or d one down stroke in both letters 2 = n two down strokes in n 3 = m three down strokes in m 4 = r four ends in r 5 = Your left hand has five fingers and forms an L when open. 6 = j looks like a backwards six 7 = K has the same angles 8 = f an f in script looks like an 8 f 9 = p or b similar to a 9

  15. This may look hard to begin with but it will become easier as time goes on. Let us use the number 4950041 this would translate to: r p l z z r t and we can make up a phrase like: Reply please like a zany zebra reading Tosca or Real pretty ladies zig and zag running track These phrases are easier to remember than 4950041 and I have now learned my telephone number. In time this becomes very easy to do, but in the beginning it seems a bit difficult. The wilder the association the easier it is to remember a number.

  16. New Words You don’t need a huge vocabulary just 100 – 200 of the right words will show others that you are a learned person.

  17. What you need to do • Keep a Pocket Notebook • Note and Look Up new words • Use new words in your conversation • Highlight all best words

  18. General Information Remember we need to make things interesting or unique if we are going to remember them. One way to remember something is to write it on a banana. You will not forget what you wrote on a banana! Write it on a Slant, upside down or backwards.

  19. Mnemonics The use of mental items to help you remember something else. My very eager mother asked Mike and Jim if theSUNpeaked. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Asteroids, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The position of bodies in our System

  20. Yes this is just a primer on the subject. It is a key for you to look up other methods that you need to learn. Part of the fun is in the discovery of new ways to help your mind to remember. Now where did I put that yellow banana?

  21. Syllabus of First Course Designing Your Own Success Overcoming the Causes of Failure Making Your Dreams a Reality Self Motivation the Esteem Builder Attracting a Mentor Success Group Visualizing Reality, See it to Be it. Positive Listening Imagineering for Solutions Positive Banking for Wealth Building Positive Relaxing Builds Stamina Connecting with Fellow Positive People Sharing the Positive Experience with Others Memory the keys