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Political Ideologies

Political Ideologies. Ideologies are idealized ways of government organization.

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Political Ideologies

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  1. Political Ideologies Ideologies are idealized ways of government organization.

  2. The five most prominent this century are conservatism, socialism, liberalism, communism, and fascism. Ideologies can agree on some matters while violently disagreeing on others. These ideologies can be from a number of angles. For example:

  3. Who is in control – from dictatorship to democracy. • Philosophy – Left wing or right wing.

  4. Attitude to private property – from capitalist to Marxist. • Social control – from totalitarian to libertarian.

  5. Conservatism – democratic, right wing, capitalist, varied degree of control • Socialism – varied concentration of power, left wing, generally tends to Marxism, varied degree of control.

  6. Liberalism – Democratic, philosophically moderate, Capitalist, libertarian. • Communism – Democratic, left wing, Marxist, Totalitarian.

  7. Fascism – usually dictatorial, right wing, varied economically and Totalitarian. • ** Canadian political parties all fit these patterns. Extremist parties have little following here.

  8. Which ideology?

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  10. Karl Marx

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