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  2. Diary Of Awesome Andrew • Today I am stuck in Egypt because of I stole the crown jewels in England , so I am laying low for now but, I might steal King Tut’s(tutankhamum) tomb tonight.

  3. 2/28/14 • I was about to rob the Egyptian museum. I got to the tomb and opened it,………. that’s when I became flat. • After I opened the tomb, a weird green smoke came out and surrounded me in seconds. Next thing I knew , I woke up feeling strange. As I got up, I saw that I was flat! • I couldn’t understand anything around me because I think it was written in hieroglyphics and ancient Arabic language.

  4. 2/28/14 • I heard voices coming toward the room. I quickly jumped on the wall to disguise myself as a painting among sculptors of other ancient kings in the room. • They were guards talking about a game of squash they had played earlier in the day. • They did not notice me on the wall as I pretended to play a ancient percussion instrument called a lyre.

  5. 3/2/14 • I had to stay put until Sunday when the museum closed for religious ceremonies. • I slipped under the museum doors and was blown down the street to a mosque. It was full of Sunni Muslim people worshiping. • I got lucky as someone opened the door to the mosque and I floated into the service. • Nobody noticed me when I got stuck under someone’s shoe as they walked out. • The man got into a taxi that drove to the airport.

  6. 3/2/14 • When the man gets to the airport, I fall off his shoe. A old lady thinks I’m a blanket. • She carries me onto a plane that fly’s to New York City. I am left on the plane seat. • Someone cleaning the plane thinks I’m a kid’s drawing and throws me away in the trash. • While I’m on the garbage truck, I blow away and land in a pick up truck headed to Texarkana.

  7. Web sites of pics Map pic- ,Tut pic, writing pic- static8, painting pic-, game pic-, religon pic-