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Egypt. By: Jonathan Mata. Map. Charts & Graphs. Human & Physical Features.

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  1. Egypt By: Jonathan Mata

  2. Map

  3. Charts & Graphs

  4. Human &Physical Features To begin with, I will compare Egypt’s human and physical features with the U.S.A..First of all, Egypt’s population is 72,850,000 and the US is 299,846,000. The United State’s population is 226,996,000 more people than Egypt. Also, Egypt has 54 doctors and the US has 256 (2000). That is a 202 doctor difference. Egypt’s total area is 386,662 square miles. The US is 3,407,421 more square miles than Egypt. In conclusion, Egypt is small compared to the US in many ways.

  5. Flag Flags To begin with, Egypt’s flag has a one golden eagle, and three stripes. One red (top), one white (middle), black (bottom). The colors represent Pan- Arabic colors. Secondly, the red represents the period of the 1952 revolution. Also, the white represents when the revolution ended the monarchy, but without bloodshed. the black symbolizes the end of the apprehension of the Egyptian’s. this version of the flag was adopted on October 4th, 1984. did you know that abusing the Egyptian flag is a crime punishable by law? In conclusion the Egyptian has different meanings. To begin with, Egypt’s flag has a golden eagle and three stripes, one black (bottom), and one white (middle). The colors represent Pan-Arabic colors.Second of all, the red represent the period of the 1952 revolution. Also,

  6. Government • Egypt is a republic. • Their national symbol is a golden eagle. • Their national holiday is National Day, 23 July (1952). • Their suffrage rate is 18 years old of age. • The last president was elected on July 1, 2013.

  7. Religion First of all, Egypt practices 2 religion, Islam and Christianity. 90% of Egyptians are Muslim. Muslim’s have one God and Muhammad is God’s prophet. Muslims believe that after life they will go to either paradise or hell. Muslims sacred text is the Qur’an. Christianity’s origin and history were founded by Jesus. They believe in one God who is a trinity of the father, son, and holy spirit. Christianity’s afterlife is either heaven or hell. Lastly, their sacred text is called the bible ( old and new testiment.) In conclusion, Egypt mainly practices 2 religions, and Christianity.

  8. Timeline

  9. Animals, Plants, Natural Resources First of all, there are many animals, plants, and natural resources. One animal that lives in Egypt is a Jackal. s jackel height is 35-50 cm. Also, they weigh up to 54-10 kg. One of Egypt’s plants is a papyrus. Papyrus is from the pithy stem of the water plant. It was prepared in ancient Egypt. One of Egypt’s natural resources is copper. Copper is red-brown metal. A penny is made of copper. In conclusion, these were some of Egypt’s many animals, plants, and natural resources.

  10. Glossary Anthem-Song-A song, as of praise, or devotion.-Egypt’s anthem is called “Bilady, Bilady, Bilady.” Independence-Freedom-The state or quality of being independent.-On February 1922 Egypt gained independence. Islam-Muslim-The religious faith of Muslim, based on the words and religion system.-90% of Egypt is Islamic. Population-People-The total number of persons inhabiting a country, city, or any district or area.-Egypt’s population is 85,294,388(July 2013 est.) Symbol-Design-Something used for or regarded as representing something else; a material object representing something, often something immaterial.-Egypt’s national symbol is a golden eagle.

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