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Egypt. By: Kaelee , Richard, Shacameron , Rachael. Important People. The president “was” Hosni Mubarack , Ahmed Zewail - noble prize winner in chemistry, Muhammed Sadat- Noble prize winner in literature. . Important Places. 01. Abu Simbel( Ramesses II, Nefertari Temples) 19.

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  1. Egypt

    By: Kaelee, Richard, Shacameron, Rachael
  2. Important People The president “was” Hosni Mubarack, Ahmed Zewail - noble prize winner in chemistry, Muhammed Sadat- Noble prize winner in literature.
  3. Important Places 01. Abu Simbel( Ramesses II, Nefertari Temples) 19. Vestibule and Central Tomb Chamber 02. Abydos (Abtu) 20. Graeco-Roman Museum 03. Temple of Osiris 21. High Dam 04. The Osirieon 22. Montazah Complex 05. Temple of Ramesses II 23. Nubia Museum 06. Colossi of Memnon 26. Temple of Kom-ombo 09. Esna 27. Temple of Luxor 10. Karnak 28. Sun Temple of Ramesses II 11. Precinct of Montu 29. Nefertari's Temple of Hathor(Abu Simbel - Small Temple) 12. Precinct of Mut 30. The Great Pyramids & Sphinx 13. Karnak, Temple of Amun-Ra 31. The Egyptian museum
  4. Physical Features The Giza Pyramids The Giza Pyramids were built in 2,550 B.C. Some Egyptologists believe that it only took 10 years to build the ramp that goes from the Nile Valley floor to the pyramid itself, then 20 more years to actually build the pyramid. About two million blocks of stone were used to build Khufu's pyramid. Each weighed 2.5 tons, and the heaviest blocks, used on the top of the pyramid, were an estimated 4 to 6 tons.
  5. Humans and there Physical Environment Q-How have humans impacted the environment? A-Since there is so many people there has been a rising level of carbon dioxide and pollution. Q- What do humans have to do in order to survive there? A- Go to the supermarket, they are just as civilized as we are. Q- What are available career opportunities in your country? A- The jobs in Egypt is not an issue, some jobs are real estate, construction, teaching, aid, engineering, etc.
  6. Geographic Factors and Natural Resources Nile river (6,690 km), Sahara desert (8,600,000 km2), Arabian desert (2,330,000 km2), Sinai Peninsula, Lake Nasser, Qa Adequate Water supply. Population distribution or density is affected very much by the presence or absence of water in any region. Everything-man, plant or animal life-lives on water and , as' such, adequate supplies of water are necessary for different occupations. If water is available in deserts, then deserts soils can support a higher density of population. In the Nile Valley of Egypt, a large number of people are found who are engaged in the cultivation of superior quality cotton and many other crops. In India, the Rajasthan Canal Project is being developed to supply water to dry areas of Rajasthan. But unfortunately, water resources are very much limited in deserts and they are easily exhausted due to scarcity of water. Besides, due to relief features, all deserts lands are not suitable for irrigation purposes ttara Depression, Gebel Katherina (2,637 m)
  7. Culture There main language is Arabic, their important diet food is vegetarian rice, fish, and bread. Those are the main elements. Soccer is the famous sport, Islam
  8. Government There president “was” Hosni Mubarack. The reason is because they are treated as subjects in there own country. The people of Egypt wanted him to step down, but they just didn’t want him to step down they wanted the government to fall.
  9. Location Location: Officially the Arab Republic of Egypt, a country in north-eastern Africa bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, Israel and the Red Sea to the east, Sudan to the south, and Libya to the west. The principal geographic feature of the country is the Nile River
  10. Quiz Time

    By: Kaelee, Rachael, Richard, Shacameron
  11. What is one of the jobs that is available in Egypt? A- Burger King Manager B- Super One Clerk C- Real Estate Agent D- Homeless Bum
  12. How has people in Egypt impacted their environment? A- Drew on signs B- Populated there country with Carbon Dioxide C- Littering like crazy! D- Chopping down trees
  13. What is one important Physical Feature? A- Nile B- Giza pyramids C- Niagara Falls D- Both A and B
  14. What is one important place in Egypt? A- High Dam B- Wal-mart supercenter C- Chuck e Cheese D- Museum of Hieroglyphics
  15. Can you remember a geographic factor? A- Arabian Desert B- Pensacola Beach C- Wright Pat-man Lake D- Ramose Desert
  16. What is the country south of Egypt? A- Hong Kong B- Libya C- Israel D- Sudan
  17. What do humans have to do order to survive there? A- Go to the local market B- Grow there food C- Hunt the forest D- Eat dirt
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