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  1. Egypt “Mubarak and The Original Pyramid Scheme” By KunnalVashisht pd.6

  2. Location • Egypt is located in the map, close to the top right corner, highlighted in yellow. • Egypt is bordered by other countries such as Libya and Sudan. • Also the Mediterranean Sea borders the northern part of Egypt, and the Red Sea borders the east of Egypt

  3. Leaders “In DENILE” and Other Old GIZAS • The President that was recently overthrown was a man by the name of Muhammad Hosni Sayyid Mubarak. In office since October 14, 1981, resigned February 11, 2011. • Omar Sulieman, Mubarak’s VP stated that Mubarak gave up all power to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. • There is no President or VP as of now in Egypt, due to military leader Tanatawi dismantling the former govt. • As of now the head of state is the Egyptian defense minister Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, and the “caretaker” of the govt. is the former transport minister EssamSharaf

  4. Demographics • Religions: Muslim 90%, Coptic Christian 9%, other Christian 1% • Population (July 2007 est.): 80,335,036 • Annual population growth rate (2007 est.): 1.72%.

  5. Demographics Cont. • Languages: Arabic (official), English, French • Health: Infant mortality rate (2009 est.)--31.33 deaths/1,000 live births. Life expectancy(2010 est.)--71 years. • urban population: 43.4% of total population (2010) rate of urbanization: 2.1% annual rate of change (2010-15 est.)

  6. Similarities to The American Revolution • Neither Egypt or America were very well represented in their govt. i.e. Egyptians couldn’t elect their leaders due to a dictatorship, just as the Americans couldn’t even decide what laws were needed or going to be accepted in society. • Both were fighting for a proper government for their respective countries • Not all of the citizens of Egypt are as rich and powerful as Mubarak, which allows him to better utilize resources for protection, much as the British were more skilled, trained, and had more resources than the Americans.

  7. Differences to The American Revolution • America was not ruled by a dictatorship, where as Mubarak controlled Egypt as one. • Egypt has more advanced technology compared to that of more than a hundred years ago. i.e the internet and computers(which helps tons in spreading the word) • Although people died in Egypt through protests and police brutality, there was no war, where as in America, there was a revolution that caused a full scale war.

  8. What I SPHINX About The Future of Egypt • Although Egypt is still a bit of a mess, I think that it will rise up and create a successful republican government, by the people. • There will be less “untimely” deaths of candidates that oppose a governmentally popular regime. • There will be the fixing of laws such right to fair trial and personal freedoms • For example, there will be less censored control over things like T.V and internet

  9. The One and Only •

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