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  1. listening

  2. Warming-up • Did you watch the moon on Mid-Autumn Day? • Did it look beautiful? • Is the moon bigger than stars? • Is the thing on the moon heavier than on Earth?

  3. a special dinner watch the moon eat mooncacks very round very big beautiful reading books hobbies biggest brightest larger 380,000 two weeks much hotter much colder 10 1.6 travel to the moon

  4. Listen to the recording again and answer the questions • 1. It was very big and very round. • What was the moon like last night? • Why does the moon look big to us? • Are days and nights on the moon longer than days and nights on Earth? What is the difference? • Chen yu weighs 50 kilos. How much does he weigh on the moon? What about you? • 2.Because it is the nearest things to Earth. 3.Yes, they are.One day on the moon is as long as two weeks on Earth. • 4.He will weigh about 8 kilos on the moon.

  5. What are their hobbies? Collecting stamps Fishing Making model planes

  6. What are your Hobbies? • Listen to the people talking about their hobbies and decide if the statements are T or F. • Chen Yu has more than a thousand stamps. • He puts his sports stamps with other stamps from the same country. • Fishing alone is best, according to Zhen Hui. • Zhen hui thinks eating fish is better than catching them. • Wang Gang’s model planes always crash. • Wang Gang learns a lot about real planes from mending his model planes. T F F T F T

  7. very interesting collecting stamps fishing a lot of new friends when you go fishing making small machines mending

  8. Phrases: underline these in the text 1. collect stamps 2. all over the world 3. for the last / past six weeks 4. put …together 5. on page … 6. stamps with …on… 7. go fishing (doing) 8. a long piece of string 9. get / be/become excited 10. catch a fish 11. great fun 12. make things (machines)

  9. Phrases 13. a model plane 24. fun : uncountable n.趣事 14. at (the) weekend(s) It’s fun to go fishing. 15. teach sb. about sth. I do it for fun.(找乐子好玩) 16. grow upfunny: adj 有趣的 17. a foreign language 18. favorite hobby 19. Make friends with … 20. It is + adj. +(for sb.) to do 21. even+比较级 (much / still /a lot / a bit /far) 22. together alone lonely by oneself 23. one (ones) it

  10. 1.    Ben gives me American stamps and I get British _______ from Sally. 2.    He had a few dictionaries and he lent me _________. 3.    This story is a true ____________. 4.    I think the white clothes are better than the blue _________. 5.    ---Have you found your pen? --- No, I can’t find ________. But I bought ____ new _____. ones one one ones it one a

  11. Revision(根据所给提示填空) 1. Wang Xin’s hobby is collecting stamps (集邮). He has got many stamps from his friends. He puts his collection in his stamp book (集邮册). And he put his sports stamps about sports on special page. 2. Fishing (钓鱼)is fun, too. Fishing takes you to beautiful places. You can make a lot of new friends when you go fishing (fish). You can catch fish with just a net, or even with just a long piece of string (一根长线), a hook and some bread. Catching fish (抓鱼)is great fun, but eating (eat) them is even better!

  12. 3. Making (make) small machines is Yingtian’s favourite hobby. He likes mending (mend) things. It teaches him a lot about real planes. It’s very interesting to make things (Making things is very interesting.).

  13. Homework • Choose one of the paragraphs to recite.(B)