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Authors in World History

Authors in World History. Who wrote the Koran?. Muhammad the Prophet. What religion did Muhammad found?. Islam. Name the Renaissance writer best known for writing sonnets. Shakespeare. Northern Renaissance: England. What is a sonnet?. A 14 line poem -- very popular in the Renaissance.

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Authors in World History

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  1. Authors in World History

  2. Who wrote the Koran?

  3. Muhammad the Prophet

  4. What religion did Muhammad found?

  5. Islam

  6. Name the Renaissance writer best known for writing sonnets.

  7. Shakespeare Northern Renaissance: England

  8. What is a sonnet?

  9. A 14 line poem -- very popular in the Renaissance

  10. Who wrote the Renaissance book In Praise of Folly?

  11. Erasmus

  12. Why did Erasmus write In Praise of folly?

  13. It criticized abuses in the Catholic Church Erasmus harassed the Catholic Church A “folly” is a mistake

  14. Who wrote the 95 Theses? Church door in Wittenburg

  15. Martin Luther Luther lived in the northern German states of the Holy Roman Empire

  16. Why did Martin Luther write the 95 Theses?

  17. A list of 95 statements criticizing the Catholic Church The church door where Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses in Wittenburg, Germany

  18. Name three of the most famous plays Shakespeare wrote.

  19. Macbeth, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet

  20. Who wrote Don Quixote?

  21. Cervantes Cervantes was from Spain

  22. What was Don Quixote about?

  23. It was a story about an idiotic knight--the book made fun of knights and the middle ages

  24. What was significant about Don Quixote?

  25. It was the first novel (fiction-- not a true story)

  26. What Age of Enlightenment book did Thomas Hobbes write?

  27. Leviathan A Leviathan is a huge “sea monster”

  28. What did Hobbes argue was the best form of government in Leviathan?

  29. absolutism The Leviathan, or sea monster, represents the all powerful government Hobbes believed exist to avoid chaos Hobbes absolute ruler

  30. Who wrote the Two Treatises of Government? The mystery author!

  31. John Locke

  32. A. What did Locke argue was the best form of Government? B. Why?

  33. A. democracy B.Locke believed in democracy because he argued the people were SOVEREIGN--the people have ultimate power

  34. What three rights did Locke say the Government MUST protect?

  35. Life, liberty, and property

  36. What affects did John Locke have on the United States?

  37. He influenced the Declaration of Independence. “among these rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”

  38. Who wrote The Spirit of Laws? Who is this author?

  39. Baron de Montesquieu Montesquieu was from France

  40. What idea about the structure of government did Montesquieu express in Spirit?

  41. “separation of powers” --3 branches of government

  42. Why did Montesquieu advocate “separation of powers”?

  43. In order to avoid one person gaining all the power (NO ABSOLUTISM!)

  44. If Montesqueiu is AGAINSTabsolutism, then which thinker does he disagree with?

  45. Thomas Hobbes A Leviathan: The absolute government

  46. What affect did Montesquieu have on the United States?

  47. Montesquieu influenced the U.S. Constitution The Constitution sets up three branches of Government, just as Montesquieu recommended.

  48. What was Voltaire famous for saying?

  49. “I disapprove of what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it”

  50. What does this quote defend?

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