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Informational v. Persuasive Speaking

Informational v. Persuasive Speaking. What’s the Difference?. Informational. Persuasive. Humorous. Speaking to Inform. Can be about Objects Processes Events Concepts. Speaking to Inform: Judging Criteria. Is the information communicated accurately?

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Informational v. Persuasive Speaking

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  1. Informational v. PersuasiveSpeaking

  2. What’s the Difference? Informational Persuasive Humorous

  3. Speaking to Inform • Can be about • Objects • Processes • Events • Concepts

  4. Speaking to Inform:Judging Criteria • Is the information communicated accurately? • Is the information communicated clearly? • Is the information made meaningful and interesting to the audience?

  5. Speaking to Persuade The most complex and challenging kind of public speaking

  6. Persuasive Speaking • Is designed to: • change or reinforce the audience’s • beliefs or actions

  7. Persuasive Speaking • Tailor your message to the values, attitudes and beliefs of your audience • Engage in a one-sided “mental dialogue” with your audience • High credibility is important – it portrays competence and character

  8. Persuasive Speaking • Topics can include: • Questions of fact • Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone? • Was there really a race to the moon between the Americans and the Russians?

  9. Persuasive Speaking • Topics can include: • Questions of value • George W. Bush is the worst president since, well, George Bush. • Should we clone humans?

  10. Persuasive Speaking Topics can include: Questions of policy • Should VT’s civil union law be changed? • Should we cull the VT deer herd by extending the hunting season?

  11. Persuasive Speech Structure • Describe the problem • Discuss the nature of the problem • Show how the problem affects your audience

  12. Persuasive Speech Structure • Next, describe the solution • Show how your plan will work • Discuss the advantages of your plan. Hint: use mental dialogue

  13. Persuasive Speech Structure • Finally, describe the desired audience action • Explain exactly what the audience should do • Describe the benefits of the response you are seeking

  14. Persuasive Speech Structure • In Summary… • Describe the problem • Describe the solution • Describe the desired audience action

  15. Persuasive Speaking • Judging Criteria • Is the speaker credible? • Is the evidence convincing? • Is the reasoning sound? • Does the speaker appeal to the audience’s emotions? • Is it clear what the audience was supposed to do

  16. Persuasive Speaking • Let’s critique an example…

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