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Adverb Reason Clauses

Adverb Reason Clauses. By Yomna El Gabry & Zeina El Bagory. An adverb reason clause answers the question “Why?” a) They received high marks on their exam because they had studied hard b) He went to bed because he was sleepy.

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Adverb Reason Clauses

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  1. Adverb Reason Clauses By Yomna El Gabry & Zeina El Bagory

  2. Anadverb reason clause answers thequestion “Why?”a) They received high marks on their exambecause they had studied hard b) He went to bedbecause he was sleepy

  3. Adverb Reason clause can come before or after the independent clause she is cryingbecause she failed Because she failed, she is crying Punctuation Rule **When an adverb clause begins the sentence use a comma **when the adverb clause finishes the sentence there is no need for a comma

  4. Since Since it’s raining outside,we will stay home. • Now that Now that losy lost her bag, she can’t pay for the taxi. • As As they graduated, they were looking for jobs

  5. Due to the fact that We will be staying for an extra week due to the fact that we haven not yet finished. • In as much as Inasmuch as we had successfully completed our exams, our parents rewarded us by a trip to Paris.

  6. Exercise 1)Since July 4th is a holiday, ___ have to go to work.a. so we do notb. we do notc. as a result, we do notd. thus, we do not 2) ___ Asian economic crisis, it has been very hard for Alice and her family to pay their bills.a. Theb. Because thec. Since thed. Since 3)Becky read the book. It was recommended by a friend. (combine the sentences using an adverb reason clause)

  7. Assignment Answer practice 4 page 193 in Work Book

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