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Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome

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Ancient Rome

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  1. Ancient Rome • What do we want to find out? • How was the colosseum used and built? • What did poor people do in Ancient rome? • What major battles occurred in Ancient rome? • Who ruled in ancient roman times? • What did they wear? • Who were gladiators and what did they do? • What weapons did they use? • Where did romans live and what is their house made of? • What language do the romans speak? • How did the gods come into being? Why so important? • How were roman numerals used? • Why did romans love violence? • What did people trade? • Agriculture and inventions. • How much was food? • Greatest gladiator • Why / how did the empire begin? • Who were Romes Enemies • How did the Romans Trade? • What do we Know? • Invented the chariot • Invented the ballista • Invented aquaduct (France) • Girls not allowed in colosseum • Built large buildings like the colosseum. • Invented roman numerals • Julius Augustus Ceaser - name of months named after different roman emperors. • Olives were popular food. • Rich children kept ducks, pigeons and monkeys as pets • Gods were important in roman life. • Wine and water. • Donkeys for trade • Rich go to school 7 - 11. • Kids played board games and dolls, kites, hoops and stilts. • Achilles story? • Small schools 1 teacher

  2. Colosseum The Colosseum is where the ancient Romans gathered to watch bloody combat between gladiators, and battles between men and wild animals. This is where they threw people to the lions! To see men being killed was very entertaining to the ancient Romans. On occasion, they flooded the Colosseum with water, to hold naval battles. During the battles, many competitors died. The Colosseum could seat 45,000 spectators. Some people were not lucky enough to have a seat in the Colosseum. If you didn't mind standing, the Colosseum could hold up to 80,000 spectators The ancient Romans were great builders. They built things to last. The Colosseum was built of concrete, faced with stone, as were most amphitheatres. It was built in the early days of the Roman Empire, around 70 BC. It was designed to host huge spectacles. Anyone could attend the events in the Colosseum. (to get in was free). By Aleck Xanthakis

  3. Weapons They used spears, swords and daggers. Ancient Rome army Tactics Solders form a tight circle, they put the shields in front of them and on top of them, they stand in an arrow formation and have their shields in front of them.

  4. In the heart of Rome is a vast ruined building called the colosseum ANCIENT ROME COLOSSEUM The romens had very sharp swords and they had metailshilds also they had hand swords and they where very sharp. When gladiators had a big duel 50,000 people come and watch. The gladiators would have very deep cuts and some times bits of still stuck in them

  5. In the heart of Rome is a vast ruined building called the colosseum ANCIENT ROME COLOSSEUM The romens had very sharp swords and they had metailshilds also they had hand swords and they where very sharp. When gladiators had a big duel 50,000 people come and watch. The gladiators would have very deep cuts and some times bits of still stuck in them

  6. Ancient Roman Children. Some boys in ancient Rome went to school from the age of seven to eleven. Most girls and poor children did not go to school. Roman schools were very small, in most schools there was only one teacher. Most boys and girls played with toys such as board games and dolls. Some children had toys such as kites, hoops, stilts and walnuts. Rich children sometimes had Ducks, Pigeons and monkeys as pets.

  7. Tiber river In ancient Rome there is a river called Tiber, the romans worship it a lot. It was also named after a special roman person. Servian wall The servian wall that surrounded the city of Rome was supposedly built by the roman king servius tullius in the 6th century B.C. Colosseum The colosseum is also known as the Flavian amphitheatre. The colosseum is the largest sports arena, Gladiator games were played in the colosseum. Ancient Rome landmarks

  8. Ancient roman sports Some of the sports they played then are the same we play today. Such as, athletics and boxing. But the other sports they played were very different like chariot racing and gladiator. The romans use to have an Olympics as well. All the best romans would come together and compete with sports like javelin, discus, running and boxing. The roman girls were never aloud in the colosseum because sometimes the romans would have to do sports naked, and they would not allow that for them.

  9. Ancient Rome of the Siege The Roman Army developed the art of capturing enemy cities by siege. The besieging Army built siege towers, ramps and scaling ladders.

  10. The colosseum is a battle area but also held show like a circus The colosseum is also know as the flavian amphitheatre There was five types of main warriors in the battles in the figth. The Thracian, samnite, murmillon, secutor and retarius colosseum In the arches they had clay figure of importance people like the gladiators house leader The colosseum can seat 50,000 and has 80 entrance In the show with lions the female lions where not allow to participate Prisoner where force to figth trained gladiator for entertainment of the people

  11. Colosseum The Colosseum or Coliseum is also known to some people as Flavian Amphitheatre. The Colosseum is made out of bricks and concrete. It was also the largest amphitheatre in Roman Empire. One thing I still want to know is who invented the colosseum.

  12. The gladiators were vicious people they would kill people with no mercy even when they had no weapon. The gladiators would fight together even when they told them till the last man standing. Some of the weapons they would use was a dagger, shield, sword and a trident. People would watch them fight in a place called a colosseum agents other gladiators and animals like lions. GLADIATORS

  13. The ancient roman gladiators fought to the death in the colosseum for peoples entertainment. They wore no protective armour except for the helmet. They had no shield only a sword, mace or an axe. Random men sometimes volunteered for a match some would win most would lose. GLADIATORS

  14. To be in the Roman army you You had to be in the army for at least 25 years and you couldn’t be married. There may not be any women in the army only men and the men had to be over 20 years. You had been given a shield and a spear after you retire you got given a block of land.

  15. Roman foods and drinks Ancient Rome has lots of foods from all over from emmer a type of cereal close to wheat to a more simple wine. Romans had more simple meals before discovering wine and other more complex foods. The romans invented the saying You are what you eat. Bread is the single most eaten food in ancient roman. The rich ate meals like fish, oysters, pork and rich wines of the highest standards. At roman homes the wife would often make a rich honey with pastry's and cakes.

  16. The roman soldiers would conquer by shielding their selves to form something called the tortoise. The tortoise protect them from arrows and rocks that is thrown from above. They are mostly used to get closer to the enemy fort. Roman Soldier The roman soldiers had streaked rules you had to have good eyesight in a battle, you had to have good hearing , had to be strong because you'll be carrying heavy things and last of all you need to be fit. Roman soldier had to eat a lot of bread, meat, wine and olive oil. Sometimes they were given permission to hunt animals like bird or deer or catch fish or shellfish.

  17. The Ballista. The ancient missile weapon which acts like a sling shot and shoots giant arrows long distance. I was made out of oak wood which made it arrow proof so it was strong. The Bolts or arrows were made from either rock or an iron substance. It was invented and used by the romans in war and battle.

  18. The roman aqueducts Aqueducts were designed for France to transport water from the source to the cities so people had fresh water instead of walking to the source and back, and it was a long way up. Aqueducts were first started to be built in 312 BC, so they could have fresh water in Rome and France, the aqueduct drops 1metre every 280 metres in length so the water can flow otherwise if the aqueducts were completely level, no water would flow down to the cities. Roman aqueducts used gravity to tansport water to the city because there is a down force that forces the water down the aqueduct toward the city to supply water. DID YOU KNOW? The French aqueduct “pont du gard” took 35 years to construct “WOW”. A picture of the roman aqueduct