how did you get your news today n.
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How did you get your news today? PowerPoint Presentation
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How did you get your news today?

How did you get your news today?

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How did you get your news today?

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  1. How did you get your news today? 11/11

  2. Teacher’s Page Audience • High school students • Grade 11 • Those students who believe they receive news from Msn’s homepage, twitter, Facebook, and Environment • In a social studies class(Sociology) • 10-20 students • Students are able to interact with the teacher and PowerPoint. Students will be required to complete this PowerPoint on their own. Objectives • Given the history of several news sources students will be able to identify and be acquainted with facts about the sources proficiently with 100% accuracy.

  3. HOW DID YOU GET YOUR NEWS TODAY? Click Bird to move on!

  4. Which would you like to learn? TODAY’S NEWS YESTERDAY’S NEWS

  5. Today’s news!

  6. Orientation As students of the 21st century, many of you have never opened a news paper to look past the sports section. Today, you all will learn about several different source of news from today and the past. Take notes because there will be a brief quiz at the end.

  7. Directions • Read through the information on each source. • Make sure you take note of the information you believe is important. • There will be a short quiz at the end! • Good luck!

  8. Click on a different news source for info!

  9. Your grandma’s news paper

  10. DID YOU KNOW? According to, the top ten newspaper in the U.S. are • Wall Street Journal, • USA Today, • New York Times, • Los Angeles Times • Washington Post • New York Daily News • Chicago Tribune • News Day • Houston Chronicle • Dallas Morning News

  11. However, we’ll just talk about 2 today, the Wall Street Journal and my favorite and your favorite too for extra credit, the Chicago Tribune.


  13. The Wall Street Journal was first published in 1889. Although, the Wall Street Journal prints all kinds of news today, when the paper first debuted it only featured news only about the stock market. Not much of a change right?

  14. In the 1940s, the Wall Street Journal became a regular newspaper. Of course, as a result of the internet becoming popular, the Wall Street Journal went viral.


  16. The best newspaper in the world was first founded in 1842, making it’s debut on June 10. According to “Before and during the American Civil War, Joseph Medill pushed an abolitionist agenda and supported Abraham Lincoln, whom he persuaded to run for the presidency in 1860. The paper remained a strong force in Republican politics for years afterwards.”

  17. The good Ole’ internet

  18. In high school, I despised the newspaper and the internet was my bff. Due to the matter that was my family computer’s home internet page, I felt that this website was my source of news along with Facebook and twitter. Also, for extra credit add me on Facebook and follow me on twitter.

  19. Msnbc Msnbc was founded in 1996. in a website ran by NBC universal and Microsoft. This website debuted in 1996. (Pretty recent right!) Many of you may believe that MSNBC and are one in the same but they both are ran differently maintaining different agendas.

  20. Let us digress from our educational lesson for a more “inferior” piece of info…

  21. Many of you are familiar with the TV show TMZ on TV and maybe even the website. Let’s discuss the website shall we? TMZ can mostly be described as a tabloid website reporting the celebrity news mainstream American craves. Since debuting in 2005, this less than news worthy website has earned itself it’s own TV show, TMZ ON TV.

  22. the “trusty” MAGAZINE

  23. I hope the title didn’t make you think we would be learning about your favorite magazine’s such as Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, or Sports Illustrated. We are going to take a look at a few trustworthy magazines.

  24. What do you think is one of the most popular magazines in the U.S? (Wait for responses) If you said YM, that definitely wasn’t close to the answer! Although, you guys might beg to differ, Time magazine is one of the most popular magazines in the world.

  25. According to “Seventy stockholders invested $85,675 to launch TIME, and the company became incorporated on November 28, 1922.” Today Time owns 130 magazines globally. Little known fact, according to in 1972, Time Inc. launched HBO.

  26. The next magazine we are going to look at many of you might believe only your grandparents read and skip over it while browsing through your Sunday paper.

  27. Parade magazine made it’s first debut in 1941 as “The Weekly Picture Newspaper.” According to “Today, PARADE is carried by more than 530 of the nation’s finest newspapers and reaches more than 74 millions Americans every week.”

  28. Congratulations, You made it past the “Today’s News” section!!!!


  30. In this section we will learn about how your parent’s literally received their news and news that might not exist anymore.

  31. Do You know what the Oldest American Newspaper is?

  32. The oldest American newspaper is the Maryland Gazette. The Maryland Gazette was first published in September 1727. Unfortunately, the Maryland Gazette was no longer published after November 1734.

  33. Now here’s the fun part! Select the right answers to the following questions. After answering each question, document your results. If you answer a question wrong, please document each attempt at getting the right answer. Please be honest, this material will show up the test!

  34. Which one of these news sources are considered a tabloid? • The Times • The Maryland Gazette • TMZ

  35. Great work! TMZ online is an online news source that solely delivers news on celebrity controversy.

  36. INCORRECT Sorry Try Again Tabloid probably did not exist in the seventeen hundreds. Click here to go back.

  37. INCORRECT Sorry, the Times is a world renowned magazine. Click here to go back.

  38. What year was the Chicago tribune founded? • 1842 • 1727 • 1889

  39. CORRECT! Great work! The Chicago Tribune was founded in 1842! Click Here to move on.

  40. INCORRECT Sorry! The Maryland Gazette was founded in 1727. Click here to go back.

  41. INCORRECT Sorry, the Wall Street Journal was founded in 1889. Click here to go back.

  42. When the wall street journal first debuted what did it mainly feature? • Pictures only • Stocks • Ad’s about slavery

  43. INCORRECT Sorry, when the Chicago Tribune first debuted it featured stories on the civil war and slavery. Click here to go back.

  44. INCORRECT Sorry, when Parade first debuted it was a picture newspaper. Click here to go back.

  45. CORRECT! GREAT WORK! When the Wall Street Journal first debuted it mostly featured articles on stocks. Click here to move on to the next slide.

  46. Which one of these news sources is the most recent? • • The Times • The Maryland Gazette

  47. CORRECT! GREAT WORK! was founded in 1996. Click here to move on.

  48. incorrect Sorry, the Maryland Gazette was founded in 1727. Click here to go back.

  49. INCORRECT Sorry, the Times debuted in 1922. Click here to go back.