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The News About Newspapers PowerPoint Presentation
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The News About Newspapers

The News About Newspapers

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The News About Newspapers

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  1. The News About Newspapers And Why You Are Here By George Sylvie School of Journalism The University of Texas at Austin

  2. The Bad News

  3. The Good News

  4. The Lukewarm News

  5. More Tepid News

  6. Mixed Blessings News

  7. Hopeful News

  8. End-of-Rainbow News

  9. Pretty Good News

  10. Not-so-good News

  11. So? • What is the future of newspapers? • What is the future of journalism? • What do you think?

  12. The Future Begins Now New Journalism Joke: Q: If the newspaper industry were a baseball game, what inning would we be in now? A: The 19th

  13. The Pitcher: Technology • “As tweets grow exponentially and traditional news outlets shed readers and staff, the digital realm, despite some limitations of access and signal disruptions, is simply more attractive—for speed, ease and multimedia storytelling. ” -- Gerald Jordan, U. of Arkansas j prof in recent story on Philadelphia Inquirer

  14. The Pitch “The demand, in turn, for output has compounded stress in newsrooms where staffs are dwindling even though coverage areas are essentially unchanged. On a typical assignment, a reporter is expected now to report from the scene, photograph it if possible, post information on Twitter, file 150 to 200 words for the digital story, update a blog or the news organization’s Facebook page, then write an article for the newspaper that will be published the next morning. ”

  15. The Owners’ Strategy

  16. Trimming the Roster

  17. “Smallball”

  18. The Details • “One run at a time” – Most newspapers are profitable, many with margins in the mid-teens. But net margins – after interest, taxes and special charges – are razor-thin. • “Pick off plays” – Most papers achieved profitability largely through cutting. • “Sacrifice bunts” – Some papers also operated in the red for 2011, essentially choosing to reinvest in new programs.

  19. More “Small” Stuff • “Reliable bullpen” – Stress investigative, local coverage • “Defense” – Apps and Niche sites to extend and reinforce the brand • “Steals” – Updating the web site to stay abreast, stay current, and scoop competitors • “Walks” – Patiently and slowly using audience input to show interactivity, customer sensitivity

  20. One Solution •

  21. What’s Next? • Your role • Why you’re here • What you can do about the news • BUT FIRST: A break, and word from our sponsor

  22. Newspaper Advisors are Different • Nobody understands you • You share sense of mission with your staff • Journalism is multi-skilled • Multiple functions • Extend the English program • PR for the school • School consumer advocate • Outlet for expression • Aim for higher order skills

  23. Newspaper Readers are, too

  24. What about You, The Reader? From paper and online editions of newspapers to television newscasts, “The Daily Show,” Facebook and Twitter, there are many ways to get the news. What is your “go to” news source — and what kind of news are you looking for? Has this changed over the course of time for you or for your family?

  25. Should News Be This?

  26. Or That?

  27. How About This?

  28. Or This?

  29. Or Even This?

  30. Usually It’s About These

  31. And These

  32. Should it be? • Let’s Play a Game!

  33. Do Papers Make you Want to Read?

  34. How Can You Make a Difference?

  35. Your Students!

  36. How You Teach Matters

  37. So Does What You Know

  38. And Your Approach to Pedagogy

  39. Whether You’re This Gifted

  40. Or a Superhero

  41. It Starts Here

  42. For the Next Two Weeks

  43. We’ll Hone Your Reporting Skills

  44. We’ll Fatten You on Ethics

  45. We’ll Give You Promotional Tips

  46. We’ll Help You Lay Down the Law

  47. And to Navigate Certain Software

  48. And How to Up the Ante on Sports