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From Johann to Jon

Stony Brook University. News Literacy. From Johann to Jon. News Literacy. What is it?. News Literacy is the ability to use critical thinking skills to judge the reliability and credibility of news reports, whether they come via print, television or the Internet.

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From Johann to Jon

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  1. Stony Brook University News Literacy From Johann to Jon

  2. News Literacy What is it?

  3. News Literacy is the ability to use critical thinking skills to judge the reliability and credibility of news reports, whether they come via print, television or the Internet

  4. News Literacy Vs. Media Literacy

  5. "Media Literacy incorporates the theoretical traditions of semiotics, literary criticism, media studies, communication theory, research on arts education, and language and literacy development." (Hobbs, Renee (1997).Literacy for the information age) "The ability to access, analyze, communicate, and produce media in variety of forms" (Aspen Institute (1989))

  6. Why We NeedNews Literacy

  7. As the digital revolution unleashes an unprecedented flood of information – and disinformation –, the ability to assess the value of news will be an essential skill for a citizen of the Information Age.

  8. Democracy only can flourish with an informed citizenry. The corollary: democracy will wither with a misinformed or confused citizenry.

  9. Quality journalism only can be sustained by a public that recognizes it… and is willing to support it.

  10. News Literacy The Course

  11. How do you know if you’re getting the truth from the news?

  12. News Blackout “Ouch!”

  13. “… the experience resembled withdrawal. It made me realize how dependent I am on having instantaneous access to news…” - A.I.

  14. “…It is strange when you realize how connected you are to the rest of the world. When it all is taken away, you feel as thougha piece of you is missing.” - M.F.

  15. “…The people around me including myself would have no information about the outside world. This would lead me to believe that my way of life and thinking is the right way…If this is the way I feel after 48 hours, I wonder how people feel if they were to experience this their whole lives.” - N.S.

  16. “… Feelings of dread and anxiety came over me as I realized how many friends, customers and coworkers would be discussing the State of the Union address the next day…The feelings of dread and anxiety came from the fear of being judged by my peers as uninformed, ignorant and even downright Un-American” - T.A.

  17. “…I learned that, ‘ignorance is bliss,’ because if you have no idea about the negative events that occur in today’s society, it would not ruin your mood.” - L.L.

  18. “This news blackout has been absolutely dreadful… I had to feel the window in my room to try and figure out what the weather outside was like…” - R.D.

  19. “I feel by far that this has been the hardest task trying to accomplish throughout my years at Stony Brook…” - M.G.

  20. Phase One Know Your Neighborhood

  21. What is Journalism?

  22. Why do so many people want to kill journalists?

  23. Has the NY Times Committed Treason?

  24. Is Jon Stewart a journalist?

  25. Jon Stewart 25% of college students go to him for news

  26. Is all information of equal value?

  27. Key Elements: The Grid

  28. Video News Releases “What’s Real?”

  29. KGUN-9 (Tucson, AZ)

  30. Are bloggers journalists?

  31. What is News?&Who Decides?

  32. Why News Matters • Pakistan • Oil Prices • Presidential Politics • The Rising Costs of College Tuition • Health Insurance • Crime on Campus • Weekly News Logs

  33. Phase Two Deconstructing The News

  34. What is difference between news and opinion?

  35. What’s the difference between assertion and verification?

  36. What’s the difference between inference and evidence?

  37. How do you know if a news source is reliable?

  38. The 5 Sourcing Rules • Names sources are better than unnamed sources • Authoritative sources are better than uninformed sources • Independent sources are better than self interested sources • Sources who verify are better than sources who assert • Multiple sources are better than single sources

  39. News Literacy Stony Brook University

  40. What is news bias and what is audience bias?

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