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WWI. Day 4. Essential Question. Why was WWI deemed “the war to end all wars?”. Recap. Causes of WWI US Involvement Weapons Used. Think about it. What was the underlying cause? Hook Activity. Recap Clip. Packs. Change.

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Day 4

essential question
Essential Question
  • Why was WWI deemed “the war to end all wars?”
  • Causes of WWI
  • US Involvement
  • Weapons Used
think about it
Think about it
  • What was the underlying cause? Hook Activity.
  • Throughout the war some countries will either enter (like Italy, U.S., and Japan) or exit (Russia).
  • Every country came into this war for specific reasons.
  • Either economic or political.
  • Some were promised land, for example Italy came in under the Allied powers.
  • For most of the war it will remain a stalemate
costs of war
Costs of war
  • November 11, 1918, and armistice was reached.
  • Armistice: agreement to end the fighting.
human casualties
Human Casualties
  • More than 8.5 million people had died.
  • 17 million wounded.
  • Famine threatened many regions.
  • Disease was widespread.
effects of wwi
Effects of WWI
  • Map of Europe is redrawn

- Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia were added after WWI.

effects of wwi1
Effects of WWI
  • League of Nations Formed: The league was an organization in which the nations of the world would join together to ensure peace.
  • An attack on one would be an attack on all.
  • Although President Wilson loved it the U.S. feared it.
  • Didn’t want to be dragged into a war.
league of nations
League of Nations
  • League of nations will fail
  • WWII will arise and the league of nations will dissolve.
  • After WWII the United Nations was founded
  • Still exists today
  • UN main objectives is to control peace, international affairs, security, and human rights.
effects of wwi2
Effects of WWI
  • Germany was forever humiliated.
  • Reparations: payment from an enemy for economic injury suffered during the war.
  • French wanted to Cripple Germany.
  • Germany owed Allies $33 Billion.
effects of wwi3
Effects of WWI
  • June 28th 1919 Germans sign the Treaty of Versailles.
  • Nationalism, militarism, imperialism, and political rivalries led to WWI.
  • Industrialization and new technology made weapons of WWI more destructive than any that had been used before.
  • War caused great human and economic losses.
  • Armistice
  • Reparations
  • WWI Perspective