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Life in China!

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Life in China! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Life in China! FCC Culture Weekend July 31—August 2, 2009 How big is China? China: 9,572,900sq km USA: 9,518,287 sq km How many people are there? China:1,300,000,000 USA: 300,000,000 Since 1998, there are 62,000 children have been adopted from China to the USA . 56

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Life in China!

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life in china

Life in China!

FCC Culture Weekend

July 31—August 2, 2009

how big is china
How big is China?

China: 9,572,900sq km

USA: 9,518,287 sq km

how many people are there
How many people are there?
  • China:1,300,000,000USA: 300,000,000
  • Since 1998, there are 62,000 children have been adopted from China to the USA.
  • Today there are 56 distinct ethnic groups in China.In terms of the numbers, the biggest ethnic group is the Han Chinese.
life in china city v s rural
Life In China—City V.S Rural
  • Beijing #12 High School students
  • Let’s watch the movie!
are there children in china who need help yes
Are there children in China who need help? Yes!
  • There are many children in orphanages and social welfare institutions in China.
  • There are also children in private group homes and foster care in need of help.
  • Some children live on the street as beggars with older persons who may NOT be their family members.
  • Some children have to give up their study to take care of their families.
how does this happen to kids in china many reasons
How does this happen to kids in China? --Many reasons:


Accident in the family

She was doing her homework on a brick.

She lost her family in the Sichuan earthquake in 2008.

china s one child policy
China’s One-Child Policy

Traditional customs and preferences for boys to help on the family farm and carry on the family name.

Imprisonment of parents

AIDS – some children have lost their entire family to AIDS and now have to live in institutions.

birth defect or physical disability may cause a family to fear they can t care for their child
Birth defect or physical disability may cause a family to fear they can’t care for their child.
  • Dang Yi Feng, 6 months
  • Needs
    • Surgery for TGA (transposition of the great arteries) and Atrial Septal Defect
  • Cost $10,000.00
  • Zhao Yu Lang, age 3
  • Needs
    • Heart surgery to repair a congenital heart defect.
  • Cost $2,000.00
who cares for children in institutions
Who cares for children in institutions?
  • Government – Ministry of Civil Affairs
    • Provincial and Local Civil Affairs
  • Private Chinese Non-Profit Organizations
  • International Organizations
    • United Nations Projects
    • Church Projects
    • Individual Projects
    • Foreign Government Projects
how long do kids live there
How long do kids live there?
  • Some children are adopted by families in China and some are internationally adopted by the time they are 3 years of age.
  • For some children who are disabled, their stay is life-long.
  • Those children who were not adopted and are able to attend public school do so.
  • In some rare cases, children may go to college.
  • Usually at age 16 or 18 they leave the orphanage if they are well enough to do so.
what is international adoption
What is international adoption?
  • Families living in foreign countries come to China to adopt a baby, toddler or special needs child.
  • Some families living in China also adopt children during their stay in China.
  • The child becomes a full family member and citizen of the country where the family is from.
  • The foreign family is responsible for raising the child and loving it just like other children in the family.

Kids Like Me in China

by Ying Ying Fry, Amy Klatzkin

how many kids are we talking about
How many kids are we talking about?
  • 850 institutions of various sizes, imagine there are 50-100 children in each one=42,500 – 85,000 children in need of homes
  • In some cities we know there are institutions with 200-500 children! So, the number is likely 100,000 children.
  • Add to that the number of children who lost their parents due to AIDS, the number doubles!
what are the immediate needs of children
What are the immediate needs of children?
  • Food
  • Milk powder and formula
  • Surgeries to correct small to large physical problems
  • Care-givers to love and hold them, teachers to teach them
  • Heating in winter to stay warm and things like insulated windows
  • School sponsorships
  • Clothing and shoes
  • Eye exams and glasses
  • Dental exams and treatment
  • Bedding and blankets
what can we do19
What can we do…?
  • Orphanage—Anhui University Volunteers
  • Northeastern Normal University Volunteers
our chinese daughters foundation orphan support projects
Our Chinese Daughters Foundation Orphan Support Projects
  • Orphan Care Packages to send to any orphanage or foster care program in China.
  • These include various options including medical supplies, baby care items, formula, musical instruments, playground equipment.
  • 500+ Orphanages throughout China need care packages

Sponsor children to attend elementary school, middle school, high school, or college.

  • Provide a child their annual school backpack!
  • Sponsor eye exams, music lessons, and clothing for kids in over 750 orphanages throughout China.
  • See
some orphanages
Some Orphanages

Wu Qiu Orphanage

Dawn Home Orphanage

Dawn Home Orphanage, Biancun, is built by a Catholic church.

Now there are 70 orphans.

The orphanage does not have fixed financial source and the environment is quite simple.

Nuns teach children to make handcrafts, so that the handicapped orphans could master a professional skill and boost up their confidence.

  • Wuqiu Orphanage is a church-run orphanage in Jinzhou, Hebei province.
  • There are 90 orphans now.
  • Without fixed financial source, the orphanage’s environment is simple and crude.
  • The orphans are weak.
  • The nuns take good care of the children.
special projects for kids to help kids
Special Projects for Kids to Help Kids

$700 can sponsor special equipment for special needs kids!

$800 can build/equip a laundry room!

$900 can build/equip a modern bathroom!

$1000 can build/equip a playground!

$2000 can build a baby/infant room

$5000 can build/equip a physical therapy room

  • $100 can sponsor one orphanage for one month of milk powder!
  • $200 can sponsor one orphanage for one month of diapers!
  • $300 can sponsor one orphanage for one month of food!
  • $400 can equip an orphanage with a modern kitchen!
  • $500 can build/equip a library room for children!
  • $600 can build/equip an infirmary/clinic!
some more information
Some more information…
  • OCDF China Tours New Volunteer China Programs for Teens and pre-Teens/Tweens & Families
  • Our Chinese Daughters Foundation tour, volunteer, and academic divisions are pleased to announce new programs in China for 2010 and beyond.
  • Teen Leadership® Programs are suitable for kids ages 12 and up and target adoptees from China and siblings are welcome.
  • Teen/Tween Volunteer China® Programs are suitable for kids ages 10 and up and their families, school and church groups, and siblings/family friends are welcome.
  • Alternative Spring Break in Beijing suitable for college age groups – held at the same schedule as the Teen/Tween Volunteer China Programs but college groups volunteer separately from family groups.
  • Provincial/Orphanage Volunteer China Programs are suitable for kids ages 10 and up and target adoptees from China and their family members only.
  • OCDF China Tours and OCDF Volunteer China have divisions 11 years of experience with family travel and youth travel in China. OCDF founder, Dr. Jane Liedtke, has personally designed these programs to align with the needs of pre-teens/teens – their activity interests, developmental needs, and learning styles.
kids can make a difference
Kids can make a difference!
  • Let’s think about it, you can decide how to make a difference for kids in need in China!