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  1. Confusing Parts Spelling Editing Run- On Sentences Grammar

  2. I am going to write about the city of Atlantis. It is a mystery. Here we go. We are going to learn about this city.

  3. Around 350 BC, Plato wrote about a beautiful island in the atlantic ocean that went under the ocean waves in one day and one knight. It took 2 books to describe the history and details of this almost magical island for years people have ben looking for this mysterious lost city, Atlantis.

  4. Plato describes the Atlantians as great engineers and architects. they’re were palaces harbors temples and docks. The capitol city was built on a hill and there were tunnels and sale boats. a huge canal connected the outer rings of water to the ocean. There were some fields past the feld there were mountains where wealthy villagers lived.

  5. For over 2 thousand years the storie of Atlantis was just a storie. then, in the late 1800s, an American named ignatiusdonnelly became fascinated with the story and wrote a book called Atlantis, the Antediluvian World, which became a bestseller Ignatius studied flood history fromeegypt to Mexico and believed that Plato was recording an actual natural disaster. Since then, several books have been written about the lost city. There were many amazing buildings with hot and cold fountains.

  6. the exact location of the lost city of Atlantis has been questioned by many people, like British Royal Air Force photo interpreter J.M. Allen He is convinced Atlantis is in Altiplano, ner the andes mountains, in Bolivia. The famous sychicchanneler Edgar Cayce believed the remains would be found off the coast of florida near Bimini Island. Other people think it's lost somewhere in Central America, the China Sea or Africa. Don’t believe it.

  7. I think I gave you a lot of good information about Atlantis. It is a mysterious story that Plato has given to the world. It could be a complete mystery or a reality.