what s the news across the nation n.
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  1. WHAT’S THE NEWS ACROSS THE NATION? The Continuing Adventures of YCW…

  2. AGAT, GUAM • Hosting a summer camp that includes YCW programming. • Mayor petitioned Guam Gov’t to turn over a closed library that will be YCW’s new home and be hope for Agat residents.

  3. SINAJANA, GUAM • Mayor and Council donated their space to host Guam’s Youth Leadership Training on Memorial Day. • Hosting a Summer Leadership Camp and Year Round YCW Community Program.

  4. JACKSONVILLE, FL • 60 young people attending Data Busters at two college campuses to learn new job skills. • 133 youth will be paired with non-profits this summer to learn or refine job skills.

  5. GULFPORT, MS • Six Boys and Girls Clubs from the Gulfport region sent 40 youth and their sponsors to Implementation Training in May to start a summer initiative. • Part of the 14 new sites created by Mississippi this year.

  6. CRIME STOPPERS REGIONAL CONFERENCE • Linda Wright and Susan Moss co-presented concerning how YCW and Crime Stoppers can work together. • Sites in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi are asking how to get started.

  7. CHILLICOTHE, OHIO • Conducting a 5 week anger management training during their YCW time. • By week 2, results already include two youth changing their behavior and acting in a positive manner when managing their anger.

  8. WASHINGTON, DC • Young people at Carver Terrace YCW, Brown JHS YCW, and Charles Young Elementary School walk other children to school daily after 2 children were attacked. • The youth also formed a patrol that was key in the apprehension of the perpetrator.

  9. WACO, TEXAS • 4 new site emerged in Waco this year. • Plans for next year include adding more schools.

  10. JACKSON, MS • Joyce Sanders is working with the MS Expansion Center to introduce YCW in all of the Middle and High Schools of the Jackson School District.

  11. CHIEFLAND, FL • CHIEFLAND MIDDLE SCHOOL Youth Crime Watchers are leaving a legacy by planting 60 trees on a new trail near their school.

  12. COOL SERVICE PROJECTS • Chillecothe YCW has adopted a highway and complete with the sign announcing their participation. • A youth in North Miami successfully solicited 30 computers from businesses to for children to use to do their homework in homeless shelters

  13. LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION – KY STYLE • Kentucky will be hosting 60 youth and their advisors next week at a prevention conference to establish 20 action projects to be conducted during the next year. • Hosted their annual book mark contest.

  14. POMPANO BEACH, FL • After finding out the elementary students were getting their lunch money stolen, Pompano Beach High School students visit the school daily to have lunch and serve as mentors.

  15. LAFAYETTE,INDIANA • Found our website and created the entire program. • 80 young people are involved in patrols.

  16. HUBER HEIGHTS, OH • A dynamic three year partnership of two middle schools and a high school. • Over 39 presentations this year with an emphasis on bullying prevention. • Tapped as PRIDE Site of the Year for 2005

  17. KEALAKEHE-KONA, HI • Over 500 youth suddenly were spending 70 additional minutes a day on the bus. • YCWatchers now patrol the road and 2,900 hours weekly were given back to the youth of Kailea Kona on the Big Island.

  18. WASHINGTON, DC • 16 youth recently participated in Youth Leadership Training • Allen Chapel YCW hosted a Health Fair in partnership with the Georgetown Health Mobile.

  19. JACKSONVILLE, FL • Starting “Honor Roll” with the Jaguars on July 19th – youth must sign a pledge, conduct crime and drug prevention service projects, participate in parent/child communications. Receive a Jaguar game ticket when successfully completing the program.

  20. LOS ANGELES, CA • Increased involvement of community based organizations and law enforcement with H.R. Moore Alternative School. • Through a series of meetings, the Salvation Army is providing space for classes and afterschool programs.

  21. MORE COOL SERVICE PROJECTS • Moten Elementary School in DC is partnering with the local Chess Club to create a Chess club at their school. • YCW of Landover, MD is helping the elderly with cleaning, trash removal, and being friendly visitors.

  22. OCALA, FL • Calvin and Catherine Jones of the Skills Day Center run an all volunteer YCW in a building donated by HUD. • They must pay all utilities and expenses. • Skills Day Center offers afterschool and summer programming. • One of their service projects is to clip coupons for the residents.

  23. HOSTED BY HEROES • YCW host Attorney General Jim Hood successfully prosecuted Edgar Ray Killen on the 41st anniversary of the kidnapping and murder of three young civil rights workers in Mississippi.

  24. TAMPA, FL • 13 year-old Randy Griffin report to YCW Advisor Greg Caulley that he had overheard someone talking about another teen building a bomb. • This led to an arrest of an 8th grader and confiscating the makings of a bomb. • The 8th grader’s journal indicated he planned to kill 12 teachers and 24 students – making another Columbine.

  25. WETUMPKA, AL Since the inception three years ago, Wetumpka High School has experienced a ~ 65% drop in drug-use ~ 75% drop in smoking in the bathrooms ~ Elimination of all graffiti

  26. SALUTE TO FAMILIES • Keakakehe-Kona YCW hosted a Mother’s Day event as part of their Youth Quest in May. • DC youth organized a Father’s Day event in June. • DC is considering creating a “Family Strengthening Fair” in partnership with the National Guard.

  27. JACKSON, NJ • Christa McAuliffe Middle School • Mayor Participated in the event • 30 Youth Attended • Next year, 18 go to start the High School YCW and another Middle School begins

  28. CHILLICOTHE, OH • Conducted Food Drive at the Community Market involving UPS. On Monday, the FED EX Called and wanted to co-host the next one. Two months later, they repeated the event with Fed Ex. • Raised $88,000 in 2 weeks to open the town pool for the summer.

  29. HATS OFF TO CORAL SPRINGS HS • Coral Springs High School and their Advisor Tom Traino hosted a Hip Hop Concert starring “Little D”. • 1100 youth attended and raised $2200 for the American Cancer Society.

  30. TUCSON, AZ • Pima Partnership High School staff attended the implementation training at the National Conference. • Within two months, they have the program up and going in their Charter School.

  31. WRAPPING A CHAIN OF KINDNESS AROUND THE WORLD… • Over 6,000 acts of kindness conducted around the world and still growing. • Have you logged and listed your acts? P.S. Thanks Natasha – you rock!

  32. Coming Attractions… • Hosting a City-Wide Summit for 250 youth in partnership with Safe Communities in August in Jacksonville. FL. • Young people in Guam are organizing an island-wide “Back to School Rally” as a result of their Youth Leadership Development Training.

  33. More Coming Attractions • Youth will be making a 15 minute presentation to the LACOE School Board and be honored for their achievements. • Our Lady of Perpetual Help is initiating a character development after school program in the Fall of 2005.

  34. Watching Out Helping Out Thanks to the Youth Crime Watchers, their Advisors, Friends of YCW, Board Members, Volunteers and Staff, the world is just a little bit better…..