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  1. Shahd Fakhroo -9E Basketball

  2. Introduction AOI: Health and social Because it promotes fair play, equal opportunity, tolerance and respect for others, and studies ethical questions in sports. Significant concept FAIR PLAY Significant statement PLAY BY THE RULES!

  3. Dear Diary… Day 1 – 11.3.2012 Today is the first lesson for our new unit and its one of my favorite sports “BASKETBALL”. We were introduced to this new unit and looked at the main concepts of basketball. We weren't taught anything today we just played a game of basketball so the teachers could see at what level the whole class is in. We were asked some questions so they could see what we remember from last year. Day 2 – 12.3.2012 In today's class we played a basketball game, I noticed after watching the video the teacher taped, that most of us were in one area and following the ball. We didn’t spread out so I think made our playing to be very bad and we weren't able to score more. We also tried to learn about the 3 second rule but I didn’t understand it therefore I need to research more about it for the next class to make sure I know it.

  4. Dear Diary… Day 3 – 18.3.2012 At the beginning of class we ran two laps around the MPH, did some shuttles and then we stretched, these all were warm ups. Then we were divided into 3 teams and I was in non-pip team, I think we played really well in the beginning of the game and we kept scoring but by the end if class we started to get very tired and we weren't able to score. Even though I know all the rules of basketball very well I wasn’t able to referee quiet well, and I don’t know why, maybe because it’s the first time for me to be a referee. Day 4– 19.3.2012 So today for the warm up we had to do shuttles and it was very tiring because the teacher gave us a time and we had to go to the end and come back before the time is over. We were also taught some basic muscle names in our body and I think their names are complicated. Then we played a basketball match, I noticed we were really good at the beginning of the game but by the end my team and I couldn’t play well because of our tiredness. And I was surprised when the teacher asked us about who we thought that didn’t play according the rules last lesson, we picked some students but it was AlJohara and Maha, the teacher asked them to do this and be mad to see if we notice or no.

  5. My shooting reflection