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  1. basketball In the beginning

  2. How the game was 1st developed. • The game was first brought about through a gym session wear it had been raining and the students rejected all game options. So he drew up a rule sheet and nailed a peach basket to the wall. • The game was played with a soccer ball and the aim was to pass to team-mates and get the ball in the peach basket, their was no bouncing.

  3. What sort of technology was used in the beginning. • The first sort of technology that was used is basically none, the game did not develop in the early stages as it was not popular. Some of the technology was commentating the game and the use of advertisement to entice the people to watch. also use of technology to develop the first basketball so the use of soccer ball was not needed.

  4. How technology helped the game develop • Technology has been a massive help in developing the game, some us these include. • -scoreboard- Digitally placed so everyone can see it, technology displays that for us. • -recording games- Every game is recording by both teams to watch the offensive and defence of the other team and how well their team is playing. • -timing- How the game is timed. • -rules- How the refs can watch replays of the game to see if it was a foul, travel etc.

  5. More examples…. • -The court- How the court is made lengths and the distance of them, technology helps lay it out. • -stats- The stats of players, how well they go per game so the team can pick and drop. • -shoes- To give support to the ankle and even help jump higher and give more grip. • -the ring and backboard- the ring was made so the ball fits through the ring without having to get it out and the back board to rebound of it.