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  1. Basketball

  2. Why are you interested in basketball? I like basketball because it is a very high paced and strategic activity. Basketball is played on a small court by ten players making it very intense. Where do you take part in this activity? We train at Laurimar stadium and play at Community Bank DC stadium. Community Bank DC Stadium Laurimar Stadium

  3. What equipment is needed to play? Basketball. Basketball court. What variations are there of the equipment? There are many brands of basketballs, different sizes and outside/inside basketballs. Standard adult size basketball is 7.

  4. What skills are required to play basketball? The skills you require to play basketball depend on the role you play which in turn commonly depends on your, height, speed, size, jump and fitness. Every role however must have a rudimentary understanding of dribbling, shooting, passing, rebounding and stealing. How much does basketball cost? The cost of basketball can vary. Each team has different fees. But to play at home you only require a court which are usually found at parks and a basketball which cost between $5 - $200 depending on the brand and quality.

  5. How often do you take part in this sport? Officially, twice a week. Sometimes more or less depending on extra training sessions, filling in, practice, etc. What got you interested in this to begin with?I actually don’t know. What would you say to recommend this sport? Basketball is a great action packed game involving a surprising amount of strategy to read the game and play your next move. Basketball gives an amazing adrenaline rush and is fantastic at building fitness, couldn’t ask for a better sport myself.

  6. What other venues can you play basketball at? Diamond Valley stadium, Laurimar stadium and Parade College. Laurimar Stadium Diamond Valley Stadium Diamond Valley Primary School

  7. What is the history of basketball? Basketball was invented in Massachusetts, December 1891, by a Canadian clergyman, educator and physician, his name was James Naismith. The sport only became widely popular in other countries after WWII. The first pro basketball league was established in 1898 to promote a less rough game, the league lasted 5 years before disbanding. In 1949, two major basketball leagues merged to create the NBA and 1959 a basketball Hall of Fame was founded in Springfield, Massachusetts, the place where basketball was first introduced.