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BASKETBALL. Jason Smith. “IT ALL STARTED WHEN”. 4 yrs. Old Mom forced me to play After I started playing I liked it. Fact #1The Inventor .

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  1. BASKETBALL Jason Smith

  2. “IT ALL STARTED WHEN” • 4 yrs. Old • Mom forced me to play • After I started playing I likedit

  3. Fact #1The Inventor • “James Naismith (November 6, 1861 – November 28, 1939) was a Canadian inventor who created basketball, and head coach of the Kansas Jayhawks from 1898-1907. The father of basketball was a high school dropout who eventually earned four college degrees. Dr. James A. Naismith was a modest man who neither sought publicity nor engaged in self-promotion. He was a remarkably versatile and humble man who in 1891 invented the game.” • “James Naismith”.Hoopedia.n.d.Web.16 April 2013.

  4. Fact #2Top Sneaker In NBA(Adidas Rose 3) • “There’s a great deal of purpose in the design , other than simply looking cool.” Leibowitz, Ben. “1. Derrick Rose’s Adidas D Rose 3.”Beacher Report. October 15 ,2012. Web. 17 April 2013

  5. Fact #3 Basketball is the 9th most played sport in the world “#9 Basketball “ Mostpopularsports. n.d. Web.17 april 2013

  6. THE Most Popular Player Fact #4 • Michael Jordan is the most celebrated basketball player ever. Hauser , Mark . “The 25 Greatest Basketball Players of all time. “ Bleacher Report February 25 , 2009.Web.17 April 2013

  7. $$$$$$$$$$$$$ Fact #5 • The average NBA player makes 5.15M(million) Ashburner , Steve.“NBA's 'average' salary -- $5.15M -- a trendy, touchy subject.” nba. 19 August 2011 . Web. 17 april 2013

  8. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Fact #6 • The Average WNBA Salary is 72,000 Garland Maurice. “WNBA Player Salaries Decoded : How the Ladies ‘ Paychecks Compare to the Men’s.” Black Enerprise .28 December 2012.Web.17 April 2013

  9. Fact #7 Average Height for Professionals • “The average height of an NBA player today is 6 feet , seven, inches .” Seaney , Rick . “ NBA Lockout vs.Airline ‘Too fat to Fly Rules.” abc news. 26 October 2011.Web.17 April 2013

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