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BASKETBALL. basketball. 1- Just a bit of history. 2- Basic vocabulary. 3- B asic rules. INDEX. 4- Players. 5- The shot. 1- Just a bit of history. basketball.

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  2. basketball 1- Just a bit of history 2- Basic vocabulary 3- Basic rules INDEX 4- Players 5- Theshot

  3. 1- Just a bit of history basketball In the winter of 1891 it was too cold for outdoor sports. Dr. James Naismith was assigned to create an indoor activity for students in Springfield (Massachussets). He wanted something fun so he used a soccer ball and nailed two peach baskets to a balcony ten feet above the floor.

  4. 2- Basic vocabulary basketball

  5. 2- Basic vocabulary basketball -Thehoop and theblackboard -Rebound: Rebote -Block: tapón -Screen/pick: bloqueo

  6. 2- Basic vocabulary basketball - Behind-the-Back-Dribble/crossover: Bote con cambio de mano por detrás de la espalda. -Between-the-Legs driblle/crossover: bote entre las piernas -Throw-in: Saque de banda o fondo -Dunk: mate

  7. 2- Basic vocabulary basketball -Lay-up: bandeja -Free-throw: Tiro libre -Jump Shot: tiro en suspensión -Three-Point Shot: tiro de 3 o triple

  8. 2- Basic vocabulary basketball -Defensive stance: Posición defensiva -Zone Defense: Defensa zonal -Man-to-Man Defense: Defensa individual -Assist: asistencia

  9. 3- Basic rules basketball -Every game lasts 40 min and is divided into 10 min quarters. In the nba it´s 48 min divided into 12 min quarters. -Every basket means 2 points, except the triple (3 points), and free throws (1 point each). -Every team has 24 seconds to score a basket, or at least to shoot. If there is a defensive foul the offensive team has another 24 seconds to shoot. -An offensive player can’t stand for more than 3 seconds inside the lane. When someone shoots the players have another 3 seconds.

  10. 3- Basic rules basketball -Substitutions (cambios): Basketball allows unlimited substitution of players at dead balls, such as full times-out, out-of-bounds, turnovers and fouls. -Backcourt violation (campo atrás): once the ball has passed halfcourt it can’t go back unless it has been stolen by the other team -Out of bounds (fuera): ithappenswhenevertheballtouchestheflooroutsidethecourt. Iftheballisstill in the air and a playerjumps, catchesit and putit back onthecourtthegame can continue

  11. 3- Basic rules basketball -Travelling (pasos): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhqON0r1Qlc • -Other violations: • No player is allowed to bounce the ball with both hands at the same time (“double dribble”). • It is not allowed to carry the ball while you are bouncing it; the hand must remain on top of the ball, not under it. • Once a player jumps he/she must pass or shoot the ball before touching the floor again (“up and down”).

  12. 3- Basic rules basketball -Fouls (faltas). If a player has the ball and an opponent gets into his space and makes contact the referee will call a foul.

  13. 3- Basic rules basketball • -Fouls (faltas): Everyplayer can foulanopponent 5 times (6 in thenba) beforeshe’sejected. The referee willcall a foulwhen: • A playerpushesor hits anopponet. • A defensiveplayer uses hisarmstryngto stop a playerwiththeball. • Thereis a contactbetweenplayers and thedefensiveplayeris in motion. The referee willcallanoffensivefoul iftheoffensiveplayer hits anopponent as long as thedefensiveplayerisstill.

  14. 3- Basic rules basketball

  15. 3- Basic rules basketball • -Other fouls: • Technicalfouls (falta técnica): badlanguageordisrespectfulbehavior. If a playersmakes 2 technicalfouls he willbeejectedfromthegame • Flagrantfoul (flagrante o antideportiva): dangerousorviolentfouls. If a playersmakes 2 flagrantfouls he willbeejectedfromthegame.

  16. 4- Players basketball - Point guard/base - Shootingguard/escolta - Forward/alero

  17. 4- Players basketball - Power forward/Ala pivot - Center/pívot

  18. 4- Players basketball

  19. 5- Theshot basketball - El tiro

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