election of 1800 timeline l.
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Election of 1800 Timeline

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Election of 1800 Timeline. 1797 XYZ Affair 1798 Alien-Sedition Acts 1799 Kentucky & Virginia Resolutions 1800 Vote is tied with only South Carolina Jefferson and Burr tie 1801 Tie-breaking vote begins in the House Jefferson and Burr elected. Election of 1800.

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election of 1800 timeline
Election of 1800 Timeline

1797 XYZ Affair

1798 Alien-Sedition Acts

1799 Kentucky & Virginia Resolutions

1800 Vote is tied with only South Carolina

Jefferson and Burr tie

1801 Tie-breaking vote begins in the House

Jefferson and Burr elected

election of 1800
Election of 1800

Philadelphia, 1800

adam s diplomacy with france
Adam’s diplomacy with France
  • 1799 sends a second mission to France
  • Impact
    • splits Federalist party
    • “High” Federalists follow Hamilton
    • Adams kicks Hamilton supporters from his cabinet
    • Moderates follow Adams
      • spends months writing a personal response to all who congratulate him
      • unable to direct political party development
    • begins scheming by Hamilton against Adams.
  • Origins of a party identity
    • caucus system
    • party platforms
  • Party press becomes more strident
    • 1800 Newspaper article in the Aurora
    • the “smear” campaign vs. Jefferson and Adams
    • Hamilton works to undermine Adams.
political issues
Political Issues
  • Foreign Affairs
  • economic division - Hamiltonian system
  • social division - Democracy or aristocracy
  • division of power - federalism
  • taxation
    • war with France led to new taxes on land, houses and slaves
  • Alien and Sedition vs. VA & KY Resolutions
  • personalities, Adams vs. Jefferson.
election antics
Election Antics
  • Each party seeks to change state election laws to its benefit
    • Virginia, Republicans change electoral system to statewide rather than by district to guarantee a majority
    • Massachusetts, Federalist change from districts to the state legislature which would be solidly Federalist
  • Election reform occurs for purposes of party - not altruism.
election of 18007
Election of 1800
  • Republican victory in New York (differs from 1796)
  • votes tied at 65 with only South Carolina to vote - Federalists almost certain to win
    • Vice President candidate, Charles Cotesworth Pinckney is from South Carolina
    • Charles Pinckney (a cousin) campaigns for Republicans
    • contested election in Charleston

“It is said several Hundred more Voted than paid taxes”

    • Republicans prevail and capture all eight votes.
election of 18009
Election of 1800
  • Electors follow party lines
  • Jefferson and Aaron Burr tie for President
    • election is sent to House of Representatives
    • Federalist controlled House determines new President
    • vote by state.
voting in the house
Voting in the House
  • Balloting is determined by party lines
    • Jefferson 8 votes
    • Burr 6 votes
    • Divided states 2 votes
  • how serious the voting was
    • Nicholson from Maryland (split with Vermont) is seriously ill, carried to House and retired to bed in another room after the roll call, to stop a vote for Burr
    • another Maryland congressman is told by wife to vote for Jefferson or he’d be divorced
  • Tied voting for 35 ballots.

Aaron Burr

voting in the house11
Voting in the House
  • Ultimately decision is made with sole Delaware delegate threatening to switch vote from Burr to Jefferson
    • Federalists from Vermont, Maryland, Delaware and South Carolina submitting blanks

“Thus ended the contest, and Mr. Jefferson was constitutionally chosen and declared President. I was one of the last ot yield to his election, because I thought him less fit for the office than the other candidate: [but] because he is President, I shall be one of the last to oppose, thwart, or embarrass his administration.”

- Representative Robert Goodloe Harper of South Carolina.

the jeffersonian revolution
“The Jeffersonian Revolution”
  • First peaceful transfer of power
  • Jefferson’s policies are not revolutionary
  • biggest difference is the makeup of Congress
long term impact
Long Term Impact
  • “Midnight” judges
  • rise of a legitimate opposition
  • twelfth amendment is passed
  • emergence of two party system in United States
  • “modern” politics
  • triumph of popular, republican politics
  • sectional interests continue their influence..