Hip hop country music
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HIP-HOP & COUNTRY MUSIC . Jonathan Gidney. There are 4 elements of Hip-Hop: Djing – very common, you get a turntable and place two record disc on it. Allowing you to scratch and mix records as you go on djing whatever event you may be hosting.

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Hip hop country music


Jonathan Gidney

What exactly is hip hop

  • There are 4 elements of Hip-Hop:

    • Djing – very common, you get a turntable and place two record disc on it. Allowing you to scratch and mix records as you go on djing whatever event you may be hosting.

    • Mcing - this is the actual rapping part of hip-hop

    • B-boying/B-girling – this is all the breakdancing. The b-boy or girl usually rocks to the beat at the beginning of whatever song is being played and goes into their breakdance right after.

    • Graffiti- this part of hip-hop is all the writings and drawings that you sometimes see all over the wall of a public place.


What Exactly is Hip-Hop

What is country music

What is Country Music

How it started

  • The kids that “started hip-hop” were simply trying to find new ways to pass the time

  • After an FBI suppression took place in Bronx in the year of 1960 the “new generation” expressed it self through hip-hop

  • The year was 1973 when the ‘back to school jam’ took place hosted by DJ KoolHerc. It was there at the party that KoolHercsaid “This first hip-hop party would change the world.”

How It Started

Founding father of hip hop

  • Clive Campbell was born in Jamaica find new ways to pass the time

  • In 1967 he moved to New York and took on the nickname ‘Hercules’

  • Began djing at house parties with all the records his dad Keith had collected. He was hip-hops first DJ and went by the name of “DJ KoolHerc”

  • Being from Jamaica he brought some of the culture with him to the Bronx and incorporated it in with the music he had already had.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pUowAaap3I

Founding Father of Hip Hop?

The takeoff of country music

  • 1920 was the year that country music found its footing find new ways to pass the time

  • 1922 - Very first commercial recording of “country music” was by fiddlist A.C. Robertson called “Sallie Gooden” for Victor Records.

  • 1923 – Fiddlist John Carson recorded “Little Log Cabin in the Lane.”

  • 1924 – Columbia Records came out with a series of releases. Vernon Dalhart was the first country singer to have a nationwide hit.

  • 1925 – The Skillet Lickers were formed and the song “The Dying Cowboy” by Carl T. Sprague was the top country record.

The Takeoff of Country Music

Father of country music

  • James Charles Rodgers was born in Meridian Mississippi on Sept. 8, 1897.

  • He was an amateur entertainer for a while but he then became a serious performer in 1925 after he had retired from the railroad due to poor health.

  • By the year 1926 Rodgers and his wife Carrie moved to Asheville, North Carolina, and started the Jimmie Rodgers’ Entertainers.

  • This was a band made up of himself (banjo), Jack Pierce (guitar), Jack Grant (banjo), and Claude Grant (banjo)

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYeNLyAGbvA

“Father of Country Music”

What hip hop music has come to be today

What Hip Hop Music has come to be Today

Country music today

  • They’re making music that appeals to the present day. Meaning that most of the music that is playing is what the media wants to hear. Talking about the bling, the cars, and the flashy lifestyle.

  • Now a days you hear country music now talks about almost everything you can think of. Weather it’s about their lives, their cars, and even talking about women having big butts.

Country Music today.