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AWARDS AND ANNUAL EVENTS. Chapter 8 Lesson 8.4. AWARDS INFLUENCE SALES. MTV Video Music Awards CableACE Awards Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions Screen Actors Guild Awards Country Music Association Awards. THE BIG FOUR. Grammys Tonys Emmys Oscars. AWARDS INFLUENCE SALES.

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    1. AWARDS AND ANNUAL EVENTS Chapter 8 Lesson 8.4

    2. AWARDS INFLUENCE SALES • MTV Video Music Awards • CableACE Awards • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions • Screen Actors Guild Awards • Country Music Association Awards

    3. THE BIG FOUR • Grammys • Tonys • Emmys • Oscars

    4. AWARDS INFLUENCE SALES • Recognition by one’s peers • High level of honor • Also brings: • Money • Current acclaim • Increased potential for future success

    5. THE OSCARS • Most famous and prestigious of entertainment awards • Given by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences • 5,000 members decide each award • Nominations create excitement and media coverage • Rare • No more than five nominations for each category

    6. ACADEMY AWARD WINNERS • Pictured the day after ceremony in major newspapers • Winning and nominations have promotional value

    7. TV VIEWERSHIP • Second-highest after Super Bowl • ABC purchased broadcast rights through the year 2008 • 1999—moved from Monday to Sunday night • Preceded by “preshow”—stars arriving and spot interviews • ABC charges approximately $1.1 million per ad minute • Sponsors--Pizza Hut and Atlantic-Richfield

    8. MOVIE STUDIO MARKETING • Consumers attention drawn by excitement of pre-award publicity • Movie producers and studios advertise films through trade publications and talk-show circuit

    9. Studios spend as much as $15 million on publicity and marketing • Movie that wins Best Picture likely to bring in an extra $100 million in ticket sales • Prestigious publicity for all concerned with it

    10. TIME OUT • Best Picture winners that were also box office hits include: • Titanic • Forrest Gump • Dances with Wolves • Rain Man • Gone with the Wind

    11. THE GRAMMYS • The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) • More than 13,000 musicians, producers and other recording professionals • Winners are nominated by committee and voted on by membership • 92 categories

    12. NO GUARANTEES • Grammys bring lots of attention but no guarantee of success or sales • 1989—Best New Artist • Milli Vanilli

    13. TIME OUT • Michael Jackson won the most Grammys in one year (eight) in 1983. Seven were for his album Thriller, and one was for E.T., the Extra Terrestrial.

    14. THE EMMYS • The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences • Primetime Emmy for excellence in nighttime television • National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences • Presents awards for daytime television • 8,000 members

    15. EMMYS BRING MORE VIEWERS • Attention brought to TV shows • More viewers for shows that win or winning stars • Late 90s—The Practice • Camryn Manhiem won Emmy • Dedicated it to “all the fat girls” • Marketing boost to size-oriented publications such as Radience • Marketing boost to clothing distributors such as Lane Bryant and Mode magazine

    16. THE TONYS • Named after Antoinette Perry • Head of Board of the American Theatre Wing • Awards for distinguished achievement—not for “best” in an category • Also recognize regional theaters that have contributed to artistic achievement and growth of theater

    17. SPECIAL-INTEREST GROUP • Expense of getting to plays in New York • Ratings of award show low • 1998—Rosie O’Donnell brought ratings up • Rosie credited for increased attendance

    18. TIME OUT • Entertainer Rita Moreno is the only person to win an Oscar, an Emmy, a Tony, and a Grammy

    19. TO MARKET, TO MARKET • Getting potential customers together in one location to hear and see promotional information about products is the purpose of trade shows.

    20. TRADE EVENTS • Trade shows focus on businesses that are related • ShoWest • Executives, directors, producers, stars from more than 40 different countries • Seminars, awards • Soon-to-be-released films are promoted • Journalists writing articles is free publicity

    21. DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION • Movies are mounted on huge, heavy reels and sent to theaters • Projectors cost $30,000 • Theater limited to number of copies

    22. DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION con’t • Digital movies can be distributed • Satellite • Optics cables • Special discs • Someday—Internet • Projectors $100,000 • 1999—Star Wars: Episode I, the Phantom Menace first film sent via satellite to four digitally equipped theaters

    23. SEASONAL OR THEME EVENTS • Centered in geographic areas • Market directly to people who attend them • Fringe Festival • Combination trade show and seasonal event • Edinburgh, Scotland • International artists and producers attend • Actors and playwrights sell their products