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Unit 5 Music

Unit 5 Music. 一、音乐相关词汇. music, musical, musician singer, actor, actress, model CD, record, tape, MP3 player classical music, modern music Western music, Chinese music rock ’ n ’ roll , jazz, folk music, country music, stage, concert, band perform, performer, performance

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Unit 5 Music

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  1. Unit 5 Music

  2. 一、音乐相关词汇 music, musical, musician singer, actor, actress, model CD, record, tape, MP3 player classical music, modern music Western music, Chinese music rock’ n’ roll , jazz, folk music, country music, stage, concert, band perform, performer, performance hit fan, clap, applaud, applause, reputation, honour, fame • Musical instruments: pipe string drum (drummer) piano (pianist) violin (violinist) guitar (guitarist) (抄写并记住你感到陌生的词!)

  3. 二、词汇拓展 1. music n. 音乐 ________音乐家 n. ________音乐的 adj. 2. honest adj. 诚实的 ________坦诚地 adv. ________诚实,坦率 n. 3. loosely adv.松散地 ________松散的 adj. ________紧的,牢固的 adj. ________紧地,牢固地 adv. 4. advertisement n广告 _______登广告 vt. 5. actorn.(男)演员 ______ 扮演 vt. ______ 女演员 n. ______ 行动 n. ______ 活动n. 6. attractive 吸引人的,有吸引力的 adj. _______吸引 vt. _______吸引力n 7. perform表演,履行,执行 vt.&vi. ________表演,履行 n. 8. stick坚持,粘贴,张贴 vt&vi _______过去式 ________过去分词 9. ability 能力 n _______有能力的adj. ______使能够 vt. _______使无能 vt. _______残疾的 adj. _______无能,残疾n. 10. unknown不知道的,不知名的adj. _______已知的,知名的 adj.

  4. 三、词语派生 用括号中所给词的适当形式填空。 1. As is known to all that Li Guyi is a famous __________ (sing) . 2. John’s ______________ (perform) in the exam was really disappointing. 3. She had a ___________ (music) voice when she was young,. 4. Kitchen utensils(用具) should be __________ (attract) as well as functional. 5. We need more ___________ (act) and less talk. singer performance musical attractive action

  5. 6. These creatures have the __________ (able) to withstand(忍受)very low temperature. 7. A lack of ___________ (confident) seems to be her main problem. 8. Just tie it ____________ (loose). 9. We all felt ____________ (excite) when we heard the good news that our basketball team had won the match.. 10.Do you enjoy Mozart’s ___________ (class) pieces of music. ability confidence loosely excited classical

  6. 11. ___________ 偶然,意外地 12. __________________ 使某人想起 13. __________________ 对……说实话 14.___________________ 实现 15. __________________ 组建乐队 16. __________________ 戏弄 17. __________________ 浪费时间 18. __________________ 打碎,解体 19. ____________________ 对……有信心; 20. __________________ 认真对待 by chance remind sb. of be honest with come true form a band play jokes on a waste of time break up be confident about/of be serious about

  7. 四、词组运用 词组填空 根据句子提供的语境,从第四大题中选一个适当的词组并用其适当的形式填空。 1.Although his plan is difficult to carry out, he ___________ it. 2.There are thousands of toys here, could you please ____________ those that can be thrown away? 3.A journey around the world is just something most of us can only ___________________. 4.______________________ yourself, do you really need that much money? sticks to sort out dream of / about To be honest with

  8. 五、翻译填空 根据汉语意思,从上述短语中选一个恰当的词组完成句子。 5. The interesting story ________________ my childhood. 6. The film _____________ a novel written by Qiong Yao. 7. We should never have gone there. It was really a total ____________________. reminds me of is based on waste of time

  9. 六、句子翻译 从上述短语中选择恰当的短语翻译下列句子。 8. 我昨天在街上意外地碰到了一位老同学。 9. 他梦想长大要当一名科学家。 10. 李平公正勤劳,最重要的诚实。 Yesterday I met an old classmates of mine in the street by chance. He dreams of becoming a scientist when he grows up. Li ping is fair, hardworking, and above all honest.

  10. 一个人年轻时就要养成良好的习惯。 • 他靠做工人来谋生。 • 鲜艳的颜色对小孩有吸引力。 • 他的新影片十分成功。 • 一次强烈的地震袭击了这个城市。 1. One should form good habits when he is young. 2. He earns his living as a factory worker. 3. Bright colors are attractive to the children. 4. His new film is quite a hit. 5. A powerful earthquake hit the city.

  11. Language points: P 1 1. 是…的一部分 2. 梦想 3. 在音乐会上 4. 假装 5. 实话实说 6. 认为…很重要 be part of dream of/about at a concert pretend to be honest attach importance to (doing) sth. pretend vt.佯装; 假装;[+(that)从句][+to do] • He pretended that he was friendly with me. • He pretended _____________________. to be friendly with me

  12. attach…to 1. He'll attach the label to your luggage. 装上,贴上,系上 2. This hospital is attached to the medical college nearby. 使依附;使附属 3. The government attaches great importance to agriculture. 认为…非常重要 1. Have you ever dreamed of playing in front of thousands of people at a concert, at which everyone is clapping and appreciating your music.

  13. Language points: P 2 start as the first step to fame passer-by earn extra money pay for give performances pay for …in cash make records 1. 作为…开始 2. 成名第一步 3. 路人 4. 赚额外的钱 5. 为…付钱 6. 表演 7. 用现金付钱 8. 录制唱片

  14. 2. Sometimes they may play to passers-by in the street or subway so that they can earn some extra money for themselves or to pay for their instruments. pass by经过--passer-by路人--passers-by复数 look on旁观--_________旁观者 __________复数 looker-on lookers-on pay vt/vi. • 付钱给某人 • 为了某物付了多少钱 • 为了某物付给某人多少钱 pay sb (some money) pay (some money) for sth pay sb some money for sth

  15. 3. Later they may give performances in pubs or clubs, for which they are paid in cash. they are paid in cash for their performances performance n. (c) 表演 perform vt. give a performance= put ___ a performance on 你想要用现金支付还是信用卡? Are you paying _____ cash or ____ credit card? in by 我花了5000元买了这台笔记本电脑。 I paid 5,000 yuan ____ the seller ____ this laptop. to for

  16. Language points P 3: 1. 用不同的方式 2. 作为…开始 3. 开某人的玩笑 4. 以…为基础 5. 打算做某事 6. 能演能唱 7.在报纸上做广告 8.用…代替 in a different way begin as play a joke/jokes on sb. be based on plan to do/mean/ intend to do can act as well as sing put an advertisement in a newspaper use … for

  17. 4. The musicians were to play jokes on each other as well as play music, most of which was based on the Beatles. most of the music was based on the Beatles be to do 将要做某事 1. 明天我们将修理这台机器。 We are to repair this machine tomorrow. 2. 没人喜欢被别人戏弄。 No one like to be played jokes on by others. 3. 这部电影是以一个真实的故事为基础的。 The movie is based on a real story. play jokes/tricks on sb= make fun of sb be based on sth 以…为基础

  18. Language points P 4: rely on sb (to do) pretend to do sth be/ get familiar with or so be serious about sth be popular with sb break up celebrate… with 1. 依靠某人(做某事) 2. 假装做某事 3. 对…熟悉 4. 大约 5. 对…认真/严肃 6. 受…欢迎 7. 解散 8. 用...庆祝

  19. 5. They were so popular that their fans formed clubs in order toget more familiar with them. form vt.形成, 组成, 养成 n.表格, 形式, 形态 1. With the help of our PE teacher, we formed a basketball team. 2. As a result, he forms the habit of hunting on weekends. 3. The band is formed of one girl and two boys. 4. Ice, snow and steam are different forms of water. 5. Please fill the form. 组成 养成 is made up of/consist of 形态 表格

  20. be/ get familiar with 对…熟悉 在中国住了5年之后,Mr Black 已经熟悉了中国文化。 After living in China for 5 years, Mr Black has got familiar with Chinese culture. After living in China for 5 years, Chinese culture. is familiar ______ Mr Black. to be familiar to 被…熟悉 6. However, after a year or so, in which they became more serious about their work, the … they became more serious about their work in the year

  21. 7. The band broke up about 1970, but happily reunitedin the mid-1980s. break up 破裂, 解散,放假,身体垮掉 • Their friendship has broken up. • The police break up the crowd by violence. • The class has broken up. 破裂 驱散 放学 1. The thief broke in/into the palace last night. 2. The car breaks down suddenly. 3. The war broke out in 1943. 闯进 坏掉, 发生故障 爆发

  22. Consolidation of the useful words & phrases 1.她曾经梦想当一名医生。 She ________ ______ _______a doctor. 2.我将和你坦诚相见。I shall ______ _____ ____ you. 3.当年轻时一个人就应该养成良好的习惯。 One should ______ ______ ______when young. 4.我以特别高的价格买下了这幅画。 I bought the picture at an _____ _____ _____. 5.他总是喜欢拿我开玩笑,因为我们是朋友。 He likes to ____ ____ ____ me because we are friends. 6.你能不能借我十元来钱? Can you lend me ten yuan ___ ___? 7.警察驱散了人群。The police _____ ____ the ______ . dreamed of becoming be honest with form a good habit extra high price play jokes on or so crowd broke up

  23. 1. Mozart is a very great m______ in the world. 2. It is very important for a company to own good r_________ in the society. 3. Whether he will come or not remains u_______. 4. Only in this way can you earn some e______ money. 5. He was so a________ that everyone was clapping for him. usician eputation nknown xtra ttractive

  24. 6. His victories in the war e________ him the title of “The Great”. 7. Actors p_________ Twelfth Night at the theater. 8. listening, speaking, reading and writing are four important a______. 9. There they f______ an army of about 5,000 men. 10. The boat r______ so heavily that we all felt sick. arned erformed bilities ormed olled

  25. Language poinst for Reading II

  26. Language points P 1: 1. 短途旅行 2. 在电视节目上表演 3. 做表演 on a brief tour perform on a TV programme give a performance Freddy was now quite confident when he went into a concert hall. • He is quite confident that he’ll pass the driving text. • Tom is confident of his ability to overcome the difficulty. be confident + 从句 对……有信心 be confident of /about /in 对……有信心

  27. Language points P 2: 1. 出错 2. 养胡子 3. 好像 4. 对…敏感 go wrong wear beards as if/though be sensitive to So they left Britain, to which they were never to return , and went back to the lake. they were never to return to Britain be to do return to

  28. 我的腿对天气的变化很敏感。 My legs are sensitive to the change of weather. go wrong:go做系动词,通常表示变得不好或不正常 (食物)变坏 ___________ 疯了__________ go bad go crazy If you are going to form a band and you want to succeed, what will you do?

  29. I’m honored that… ask sb for advice in an unusual way agree on come up with make a time for stick to (介词) get ideas on sth above all have fun 我很荣幸… 征求某人的建议 用不同寻常的方式 就…达成一致协议 想出 为…制定时间 坚持 得到某方面的想法 首先,最重要的是 玩得开心

  30. Grammar

  31. Underline the attributive clauses in the text that contain prep. + whom/which. I. Warming up • Have you ever dreamed of playing in front of thousands of people at a concert,at which everyone is clapping and appreciating your music? • 2. They may start as a group of high-school students,for whom practising their music in someone’s house is the first step to fame. • 3. Later they may give performances in pubs or clubs,for which they are paid in cash.

  32. The musicians were to play jokes on each other as well as play music,most of which was based loosely on the Beatles. • However, after a year or soin which they became more serious about their work, the Monkees started to play and sing their own songs like a real band. • They produced a new record in 1996,with whichthey celebrated their former time as a real band.

  33. 有关系代词或关系副词引导用来修饰主句中的某一个名词或代词并起定语作用的从句, 叫定语从句。定语从句所修饰的词叫先行词, 从句跟在先行词后面。 II. Use summary

  34. 定语从句的构成方法是:关系代词或副词+陈述句语序, 关系代词有: who, whom, whose, which, that, as等; 关系副词有when, where, why等。

  35. 关系代词有双重功能, 一方面代表前面所修饰的先行词, 把从句与先行词连接起来; 另一方面引导出从句并在从句中充当某种句子成分。

  36. The number of people who / that lost homes reached as many as 250,000. 2. It sounded like a train which / that was going under my house.

  37. 关系代词之物时只用which不用that的情况 (1) 关系代词在从句中作介词宾语并且介词提前至关系代词前时只用which, 但当介词在从句句尾时, 两者皆可。 This is the questionabout whichwe’ve had so much discussion. = This is the question which / that we’ve had so much discussion about.

  38. (2) 在非限定性定语从句中必须用which不能用that。 This is the book which / that I’m looking for. They have invited me to visit their country, which is very kind of them. 当关系代词作look after, look for等不能拆开使用的及物动词性短语的宾语时, 介词不可以提前。

  39. 1. 关系副词where之地点, 在从句中作地点状语。 This is the house where he lived. 2. 关系副词when指时间, 在从句中作时间状语。 I’ll never forget the days when we played together.

  40. 3. 关系副词why指原因, 在从句中作原因状语。 He explained the reason why he was late. 注意: 关系副词有时可用介词+which来 代替。如上句中where=in which; when=on which; why=for which

  41. 注意: “介词+关系代词”引导的定语从句, 关系代词只能用which和whom, 且不能省略。介词主要根据三个方面来选择: 一是先行词与介词的搭配; 二是定语从句中谓语动词或形容词与介词的搭配; 三是根据“介词+关系代词”在从句中的作用及意义。

  42. Practice Fill in each blank with a proper prep.+ whom/which. 1. This is the gun _____ _____ the hunter shot the antelope. 2. The athletes _______ _______ he will compete come from Greece and Czech Republic. 3. He’ll never forget the day _____ _____ he was admitted to the Olympic Games for the first time. with which against whom on which

  43. 4. A great number of cultural relics have been found in a village _____ ____ there are lots of old temples. 5. The guitar _____ _____ Dave composed our first hit is in a music museum. 6. The musicians _____ _____ we have great interest toured Europe with us. in which with which in whom

  44. III. Summary 关系副词可以替代介词+which/whom结构。 where可以替代to/at/from/in which, 例如:They visited the city where/in which John Denver was born. when可以替代during/at/in/on which,例如:I will never forget the year when/in which our band started. why可以替代for which,例如:The reason why/for which he left the band was that he hated the busy life. how可以替代in which,但是要同时去掉the way,例如:The students do not know how/the way in which a music band can be formed.

  45. 几种易混的情况 when /in which 1.I’ll never forget the days______________ we worked together. 2.I’ll never forget the days ___________ we spent together. 3.I went to the place I worked ten years ago. 4.I went to the place _____________ I visited ten years ago. 5.This is the reason _____________________ he was late. 6.This is the reason _____________________ he gave. which 及物动词 where/ in which which 及物动词 why/ for which that/which 及物动词

  46. 1. George Orwell __ was Eric Arthur, wrote many political novels and essays. A. the real name B. what his real name C. his real name D. whose real name 练习与讲解 解析: 答案D。whose引导定语从句时, 只能在从句中作定语, 其他各项均构不成定语从句。

  47. 2. Anyway, that evening, ___ I’ll tell you more about later, I ended up staying at Rachel’s place. A. when B. where C. what D. which 解析: 答案D。whose引导定语从句时,只能在从句中作定语, 其他各项均构不成定语从句。

  48. 3. What surprised me was not what he said but _______ he said it. A. the way B. in the way that C. in the way D. the way which 解析: 答案A。the way后的定语从句可用in which或that引导, 也可全省略。

  49. 4. Luckily, we’d brought a road map without ___ we would have lost our way. A. it B. that C. this D. which 解析: 答案D。without + which引导定语从句。

  50. 高考链接 • The English play ___ my students acted at the New Year’s party was a great success. • A. for which B. at which C. in which D. on which

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