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Bringing Music to You. Musical Instruments & Sound Equipments Importers / Distributors PowerPoint Presentation
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Bringing Music to You. Musical Instruments & Sound Equipments Importers / Distributors

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Bringing Music to You. Musical Instruments & Sound Equipments Importers / Distributors

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Bringing Music to You. Musical Instruments & Sound Equipments Importers / Distributors

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  1. Bringing Music to You. Musical Instruments & Sound Equipments Importers / Distributors

  2. Profile: JMD Telefilms Industries Limited • JMD Tele films Ltd (JMD). is a public limited company. • JMD is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange in India. • JMD was originally incorporated in the year 1984 as Avtar Finance & management consultants. • In 2001, the company diversified from finance to entertainment industry and changed the name to JMD. • USD 125 million is the current market capitalization of JMD. • USD 90 million is the total sales of the company for year 2009-2010 • USD 60 million was the total sales of the company for year 2008-2009

  3. JMD’s Products & Services • Audio / CD Production & Distribution • Video / VCD Production & Distribution • Concerts & Events • TV & Radio Shows • Online Music Talent Hunt & Distribution • Import & Distribution within Indian Sub continent • Musical Instruments & Accessories • Music & Sound Equipments • Music Academy & MUSIC EDUCATION program in affiliation with leading universities

  4. Evolution of our business model • JMD transitioned from a financial investment company to a strong audio/video production company in 2001. • JMD has about 500 music albums and over 3000 song titles in their portfolio. • Past 2 years, it has expanded its reach by organizing regional concerts, events. • JMD is majorly into Artists & Band management. • JMD also produces and its shows are broadcasted by leading Television & Radio channels in India. • New initiatives, technology upgrades & the new team introduced in JMD has assisted JMD to foray in the new areas & increase revenue by 20% in the last financial year.

  5. Evolution of JMD business model: Import &Distributors of Music Instruments, Accessories & Music/Sound Equipments Recently JMD has started this business unit: • As our Artists & many established musicians have highlighted the marked undersupply of these products in India. • We have interacted with several international manufacturers & many want to enter, establish or expand their market in India and they have shown interest to work with a Strong Financial music company like JMD. • Apart from serving the INDUSTRY, we at JMD believe that we can also help create new trends in India by making such products available here. • This new Business Unit supports the mantra of JMD which is “Bringing Music to You” JMD is looking for importing & distributorship in the following categories Drums, Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion, Pianos Accessories, Amplifiers & Effect Units

  6. Growing market for Musical Instruments, Accessories & Equipments • Growing number of Indian Artists & bands • Growing number of events, shows in metro cities plus also Tier II & Tier III cities • International artists performing in India and at the same time Indian artists/bands performing internationally • This interaction/exchange has made Indian artists/bands research, source & BUY better Musical instruments, equipments. • Also, interest for buying Musical Instruments & Equipments is not limited to artists, bands but also event companies, music enthusiasts, learners & teachers. • Online shopping sites in India, Overseas for musical instruments, equipments are used to research & buy the products incase not available with local stores or Indian distributors, dealers.

  7. Present Status of Music Instruments, Equipments Distributors, Dealers in India • Musical instruments Importers, Distributors & Dealers have been instrumental to bring within reach of Indian consumers some of the well known brands. • Their stores and dealer network has helped in growing consumption of these products in Tier I cities in India. • Their workshops, alliance, support with Indian artists, bands and association with Music Academies, Teachers has helped sales growth. • At the same time these DISTIBUTORS have been crippled with their own financial, organization, marketing constraints. • Many of the India Importers & Distributors have a short term trading philosophy rather than building and contributing to develop further the Indian musicians and music industry in India.

  8. Present Status of Music Instruments, Equipments Importers, Distributors, Dealers in India • Financial Constraints: Lack of financial resources • Not ordering & importing bigger quantities • Not ordering HIGH end brands, products • Focusing on ENTRY LEVEL products as they are fast moving • Organizational Constraints • Most of these Importers, Distributors are ran as proprietary or partnership firms primarily with a trading mindset. • Hence these organizations are run with a traditional mindset and struggle to find right personnel and resources required to PUSH further. • Visionary Constraints / Short term view of Some Importers & Distributors in India • Not adhering to MUSICIANS requirements hence some of the products, brands used globally are not present in India. • At the same time the products, brands available here are not pushed enough. • Under representation of the market in India keeping the manufacturers like you in dark and not sharing the financial and market data transparently with you. • Supporting GREY market which leads to tax evasion & confusion for customers.

  9. JMD: Your Importer & Distributor for India • Transparency: JMD is a public listed company and hence all financial data are available to everyone. • Exclusivity: JMD has a sound financial profile & ability to invest more and hence could be given REGIONAL EXCLUSIVITY • Another Option: JMD can be another option for you incase you don’t want to give JMD exclusive rights for import & distribute in India. • Legacy: JMD is a 25 year old company and has existing line of business related to music instruments & sound equipments. • Integrity: Being a listed company JMD has to maintain highest standard of Corporate Governance. • Brand & Market: Having JMD as your Importer & Distributor • Management: Our top management are respectable business family and we have the right qualified personnel to undertake this activity.

  10. JMD: Value Proposition • Opportunity to grow your sales: • JMD has allocated USD 1 million for this year to import/distribute MI & ME. Next year the allocation is USD 2 million. • Exclusive Importer & Distributor: • Opportunity to explore a new, growing market in India for those who are not present in India: • Opportunity to increase your presence in India: • Non Exclusive and can appoint JMD as one of the importers / distributors of their brand. • If you are not happy with your present Importer & Distributor. • JMD can work with you also on Build Operate Transfer model • If you want to come in Indian market on your own then JMD can be your JV partner or build the import, distributor model for you on your name and then transfer the same to you. • JMD is a music company and hence we are also your END CUSTOMER and we WANT TO GROW THE MUSIC INDUSTRY IN INDIA that’s our MANTRA “Bringing Music to You”

  11. For any further information please email at or call at (+91) 98210 68779 CONTACT INFORMATION