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Musical Instruments of the orchestra PowerPoint Presentation
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Musical Instruments of the orchestra

Musical Instruments of the orchestra

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Musical Instruments of the orchestra

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  1. Musical Instruments of the orchestra By: Amina Boudjellel 7x1

  2. Did you know? Early humans made primitive instruments by stretching animal skin over gourds to make drums. Percussion Family • Membranophones and Idiophones are two groups made up of musical instruments in the Percussion family. • Some of the main instruments in the Percussion family are: Mallet, Drum kit, Xylophone, Snare drum, Triangle, Tambourine, Maracas, Chimes, Marimba, Djembe, Drum Machine,Timpani or Piano, Cymbals or Castanets, Bass drum, Gongs, Celesta etc... • Membranophones is an instrument that has a stretched membrane or drum head covering a hole. Idiophones is an instrument without a membrane that creates sound when the instrument itself is made to vibrate. • A Mallet is a stick which causes the drum to vibrate and make a noise, either with your hand or a mallet. • A drum kit includes a bass drum, a snare drum, toms and cymbals. • A drum machine can create a number of percussion sounds.

  3. Brass Family Did you know? When you press a valve you create a longer airway inside the instrument. • Some of the main instruments of the Brass Family are: Brass,Tuba,Trombone,Bugle,Trumpet and French horn. • Brass is nothing more than long metal tubes. The tube is twisted around, to make it compact and easy to handle. • A Tuba is a Brass instrument that hits the lowest notes. The length of the pipe that makes a Tuba can be as long as 5.5 metres, and it sits on the players lap. • The bugle is a natural brass instrument that doesn't have valves or slides and they have a limited range of notes.

  4. HARP BOW Did you know? The lower pitched strings are long and thick, and the high pitched strings are short and thin. GUITAR Stringed Family • Some of the instruments in the Stringed family are: Lyre, Bow, guitar, harp, banjo, electric guitar, violin. • A few key terms: • Resonator- is the body of an instrument. It’s a hollow structure usually made of wood or metal. It amplifies the sound waves from a vibrating string, it makes the sound louder and fuller. • Plucked- a string can be plucked, which is like flicking it with your thumb, finger or a small piece of plastic. • Struck: - the strings in a piano is usually struck with a small hammer. A felt covered hammer hits one of the strings, producing a sound on the piano key. VIOLIN LYRE

  5. Recorder Woodwind family • Some of the instruments in the woodwind family:piccolo, flute, oboe/English horn, saxophone , clarinet,  bass clarinet, bassoon . • Here are some key words: • Woodwinds is a tube with holes along it. • Mouthpiece: to make music , air is blown into the instrument through a mouthpiece or a reed. • Reed: it is often made of bamboo, through this it’s the vibrating air produced inside the instrument, that makes the sound. Bassoon