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Preferred Instruments

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Preferred Instruments
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Preferred Instruments

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  1. Preferred Instruments AHR 2006 SALES MEETING Preferred Instruments A Division of Preferred Utilities Mfg. Corp. 31-35 South St. • Danbury • CT

  2. Preferred Instruments Welcome and Thanks for coming We are glad you are all here...

  3. Preferred Instruments • Introduction • Things Every Representative Should Have • New Project Pursuit Rules • New BurnerMate TS • Current R&D Protect • Summary

  4. Preferred Instruments Founded in 1964, Preferred Instruments is a manufacturer of microprocessor based controllers, instruments and electric actuators for combustion and process applications. Preferred Instruments equipment has been installed on thousands of boilers serving industrial, institutional, commercial and utility plants.

  5. National Support Territory Sales ManagerTerritory Service Manager West/Midwest Bob Cade West/Midwest Justin Beard Southeast Bob Beck Southeast Brent Geis Northeast New Guy (Peter Knauf) Northeast Don Hay National Peter Cloonan Northeast Aubrey Prime Northeast Johnnie Green National Darrel Scribner

  6. Danbury Training Center

  7. Danbury Training Center • First Class Facility • 16 Seats • Surround Sound • Detailed Boiler Control Demos • Boiler Room Training Sessions • Pump & Valve Cut-away • Pump set and Tank Gauge Training Simulators • One Week per Month Scheduled • Additional Dates Available • Continuing Education Units (CEUs) • Needed by NY PEs and coming soon • Schedule out soon

  8. Instrumentation & Control Products DCS-III Programmable Controller Plant Wide Controller BurnerMate Universal PCC-III Multiple Loop Controller Draft Control

  9. Operator Interface JC-10D Process Bargraph Display PCC-III Faceplate Display SCADA/Flex Distributed Control Station BM Universal Message Display OIT6 Operator Interface Terminal OIT10 Operator Interface Terminal

  10. Control Devices SM-3 Servo SM-15 Servo SM-37 Servo With Valve DM-1E Rotary Actuator LTA Link Trim Actuator PL Linear Actuator

  11. Sensors Tank Gauge Lead Detector Pressure Sensor Outdoor Air Temperature Sensor Tank Gauge Level Sensor ZP Oxygen Probe PCC-300 EPA Opacity Monitor JC-30D Opacity Monitor

  12. Unmanned Plant Monitoring • Dial in “plant visit”, Dial out when needed.

  13. Easy to Operate… Plant Wide Controller Key lockable Door Security

  14. Easy to Operate… Plant Wide Controller Firing Rate Control Dial Firing Rate Auto / Man 0 - 100 % Bargraph Boiler On-Off-Auto Status Indications

  15. Home Page… Lead / Lag Control Start Qty Control Sequence Control Custom Lead Rotate Alarm Status Time / Date Stamped Header Status Pressure / Temperature Setpoint Outside Temperature Plant Wide Controller • Status • Started Boilers • Warming Boilers • Modulating Boilers • Tripped Boilers

  16. Alarm & Event Summary Up to 200 Alarms & Events First in - First out Operator Actions Events Alarms Time & Date Stamped Plant Wide Controller

  17. Historical Trending… An Essential Monitoring Tool Multiple(4) Pen “Charts” 8 min, 40 min., and 2, 8, & 24 hour charts Plant Wide Controller • 8 channel, 2 Hr Historical Memory - Standard • 32 Mb Historical Memory - Optional • 32 ch AI + 32 ch DI every 15 seconds for 30 days • 90 or more days for less channels with low activity (depends on data compression efficiency)

  18. Outdoor Reset… Easily Configured: Normal Setpoints Setback Setpoints High & Low Limits Outdoor Cutoff Automatic Graphical Representation Plant Wide Controller

  19. Plant Wide Controller Advanced Communications… • Modbus communication to BAS or SCADA • Dial In From PC • Dial Out to Alpha Numeric Pager

  20. Dial In From PC… Plant Wide Controller

  21. Very Specifiable

  22. Draft Controller JC22D JC22-XMTR Transmitter & High Pressure Cutout in One Box SPS Firing Rate Sensor JC22D Draft Controller

  23. Opacity Monitor JC-30D Light Sensor Light Source Added: Feedback Loop Factory Bulb Burn In Stray Light Adjustment

  24. Return on Investment Fuel, Electrical and Operational Savings…

  25. In-Situ Oxygen Probe No separate analyzer, one less item to mount Integral Oxygen Analyzer… Field replaceable probe Only one conduit to stack.

  26. LTA Oxygen Trim Control Fuel Savings… Oxygen Trim Savings with Jackshaft Integrity

  27. AutomaticTransferPumpSetModel ATPS…Very Specifiable…

  28. Complete Combustion System • New Xplus Combustion System • Low NOx • Low Energy Consumption • Burner + Controls + BMS + SCADA = Maintained Performance

  29. Preferred Instruments • Introduction • Things Every Representative Should Have • New Project Pursuit Rules • New BurnerMate TS • Current R&D Protect • Summary

  30. What Every Representative Has • Catalog 23 & Brochures • Paper, CD, USB • USB Drive • Literature, Suggested Specifications with Z Number,… • Price Book Folder • PI, PI Supplement, PU, Burner • Representative Directory • List all Representative Companies, Employees • Instruction Manuals • Soft copies on USB & “REP LOGIN” web site • Access to “REP LOGIN” page • Latest Presentations, Competitive Data, etc.,

  31. Engineering Handbook • Catalog 23 An Engineering Handbook • Easier To Understand • Extensive “Engineering Data” Section • Overview Diagrams guide understanding • Products presented for easy comparison • Suggested specification for each system and part • Price Book to match each part number

  32. Competitive Data • We have data on • PCC-III • PWC • UtilitySaver • BurnerMate TS • Ask Us • Look On Line

  33. Customer Payback Program Best Tool On The Market

  34. Unique Energy Savings Tool • Savings Estimate Based on: • Boiler size • Motor HP • Air Damper Type • Current O2 Level • Projected O2 Level • Flue Gas Temperature • Seasonal Loading Data • Fuel Cost • Electrical Cost

  35. Promotion Program Project Awards Start Out As Leads

  36. Promotion • Sales Calls • Nothing replaces “face time” • Regional Managers Are Your Support • McGraw Hill Construction & Preferred Sign Contract…. • Dexter Bullard / Cindy Robertson • Monitor Consulting Engineering Activity across the country every day, day after day • Down Load & Send you the specification and/or Alert you to activity in your area • No More Missed Job!! Starts 2/6/06

  37. Promotion • Direct Mailing • Steven Boediatro is ready to help • Target Mailings start with a good list, your list • Faxback form included • Leads to you • Preferred Web Site • All literature Available • Latest products presented • Leads to you • Seminars • Great tool ask for available of topics • Need a speaker?

  38. Promotion • Specification Writing • You find the opportunity • Your relationship with the engineer • We will support you • With the right opportunity & engineer it is the best thing you can do to make money.

  39. Completed “Rep Login” Web Page

  40. Completed “Rep Login” Web Page

  41. Completed “Rep Login” Web Page

  42. Preferred Instruments • Introduction • Things Every Representative Should Have • New Project Pursuit Rules • New BurnerMate TS • Current R&D Protect • Summary

  43. Project Model 1. Educates a consulting engineer resulting in a PUMC product specification 2. Sends resulting specifications & engineer contact name, city and state, phone number and project name and location into PUMC. 3. PUMC generates a system scope of supply and recommended sell with input from Specification Representative. Destination Representative reviews price and discusses adjustments with the Specifying Representative or agrees. 4. PUMC issues quotation 5. Appropriate Representative provides price and scope of supply to Contractors 6. Project is Awarded 7. “Thank you”, “Award Email” is sent to the Destination, Order Pickup & Specification Representatives with agreed upon commission figures 8. Project ships and is commissioned 9. Payment In Full is made by contractor 10. Order Pickup Representative pays Destination and Specification Representatives based on commission split rules (refer to SCHEDULE D).

  44. Amendments a) No Destination or Order Pickup Representative - PUMC will function as the Destination & Order Pickup Representative. b) Destination Representative “Elects to be paid Commission” - PUMC will function as the Order Pickup Representative. c) Specification Is Not Sent In By Specification Representative - PUMC will refuse to provide a custom quotation to anyone unless first given the consulting engineer contact name, city and state, phone number and project name and location. The Specification Representative is given the opportunity to be the “lead” on this project. (However, due to time constraints it may not be possible for the Representative to respond. As we all know, often the RFQ is only provided at the last moment. For this reason, please send specifications (or a full description of the specification’s scope of supply) into PUMC as soon as the project has been developed. This gives you the maximum commission split and helps us all win the project award. d) Commission Paid By PUMC - Although PUMC will be guided by the commission schedule in the allocation of Split Commissions, PUMC shall, in its sole discretion and judgment, have the authority to alter the amount of Split Commission to the involved Representatives or parties when in the Company's judgment the apportionment of the Split Commissions are not fair and equitable. Note: In general, these project pursuit rules are applicable to only Systems defined as: multiplicity of items, factory integrated and whereon a quotation must emanate from PUMC. When it is a catalog sale it is up to the Representatives to coordinate their pursuit on their own, PUMC is typically not involved in or even aware of the quotation.

  45. Summary 1. Clarify Roles of Specification, Destination and Order Pickup Representatives, see above “NEW PROJECT PURSUIT RULES”. 2. Ensure Destination Representative has input on Final Pricing 3. Quote System projects only when Specification Representative is know and contacted 4. Send copies of commission and order information to Specification, Destination and Order Pickup Representatives 5. Give Representatives 256MB USB Memory Sticks to allow easy distribution of suggested specifications to consulting engineers 6. Give Representatives “Soft” copies of Suggested Specifications with individual Representative “Z” Number already inserted to each suggested specification. Load these specifications onto the above USB Sticks.

  46. What is Specification Writing? Specification Writing 10 Commandments (PLEASE SAVE & POST)

  47. Preferred Instruments • Introduction • Things Every Representative Should Have • New Project Pursuit Rules • New BurnerMate TS • Current R&D Protect • Summary

  48. Complete Systems

  49. BurnerMate TS • Accurate Fuel-Air Ratio Control • Fuel Saving Oxygen Trim • Electrical Energy Saving VSD • Easy to Use Touch Screen Commissioning • Monitoring via Standard Web Browser • Integrated Flame Safeguard • Either internal or external

  50. A Preferred Servo • Accurate positioning • Factory assembled • Oil, Gas, Water, Steam Valves • Mounting Brackets • Limit Switch Assemblies • Servo Actuators