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Aztec History PowerPoint Presentation
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Aztec History

Aztec History

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Aztec History

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  1. Aztec History by : miya curry

  2. Aztec Daily Life The daily of the aztecs was very similar to our modern day. The man was responsible for providing for the house, and the woman was responsible for cooking and clothing Everybody in the household was responsible for something, including the children

  3. Geography The aztecs lived in the middle of the lake, it was hot and humid and they recieved alot of rain. The aztecs were also surrounded by a lot of mountains

  4. Government The aztec government was different than any other government. The aztec government was a system tribute . The aztecs paid tribute to there empire. The aztecs also had to pay tribute to there king with money.

  5. Language The language the aztecs spoke was N'ahuatal . The aztecs also developed an alphabet from pictures. N'ahuatal is spoken by an estimated 1.5 million Nahua people, most who live in central america.

  6. Relegious beliefs The aztecs had different sets of beliefs. The Believed that there were 13 heavens and 9 hells they worshiped about 1000 gods, but the sun god was the most important. Priest also made human sacrifices, because they thought it would please the sun god.

  7. Social levels There were only several social groups . There were the commoners who were referred to as the macehuali, and the nobels were referred to as the pilli Merchant were an important social group, because they were able to travel.

  8. Architecture & Agriculture to make the land suitable for agriculture, the aztecs developed chinampas Chinampas were rectangle- shaped areas of land, they were used to grow corn, vegatables,and squash Aztecs often competed to build the biggest temples. Instead of destroying a new temple they would build over it, there have been temples found with up to 5 differnt layers.

  9. Aztec Contributions The aztec created the calender, and also made strides in medicine. Aztecs had the idea of adding 0 the the numbering system Other contributions the aztecs had was chewing gum, chocolate, and popcorn