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Aztec . The Aztec Empire. The Aztec Empire is part of Mexico today.

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  1. Aztec

  2. The Aztec Empire The Aztec Empire is part of Mexico today. According to Aztec legend, the gods told the nomadic people who had entered the Valley of Mexico to search for an eagle perched on the top of a cactus. The eagle would be holding a snake in its beak. When they saw the sign on a swampy island in Lake Texcoco they established the city of Tenochtitlan Mexico’s Flag

  3. Origin Story • http://aztecs.mrdonn.org/place.html

  4. Tenochititlan • Tenochititlan was linked to the mainland with causeways. It had an aqueduct to ensure a fresh water supply and sewers carried waste materials away.

  5. Tenochititlan Over the years Tenochititlan grew into a great city with open plazas and market places.

  6. Government • Emperor who ruled over all the people lived in the capital Tenochtitlan. • City-states where a noble family controlled the city. • When rules were broken punishment was severe, often death (ex. thieves and drunks were put to death) • One time forgiveness law, if you confessed before you were caught to the priests you would be excused from punishment.

  7. Aztec Religion

  8. Polytheism • The Aztec were Polytheists like the other Mesoamerican cultures. This is believing and worshipping more than one god.

  9. Huitzilopochtli • Huitzilopochtli was the main God of the Aztecs. • Was the War and Sun God. • Captured warriors were offered to Huitzilopochtli as a sacrifice thousands of times a year.

  10. Tezcatlipoca • Tezcatlipoca was the God of Night and Material things. • Also known as “Smoking Mirror” because of his connection to obsidian.

  11. Floating Gardens

  12. How they were made • Aztecs would plot out an area about 30 meters by 2.5 meters in the lake bed. • They would fence this area off and add mud and vegetation for a solid area. • They would do these plots parallel to each other so they could access them by canoe.

  13. Floating Gardens • The canal in between each floating garden would offer irrigation. • The floating gardens also provided food for the fish, which was a food for the Aztecs.

  14. What they grew • On the Floating gardens, the Aztecs would grow Chili peppers, squash, corn, tomatoes and beans.

  15. Schools http://aztecs.mrdonn.org/school.html

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