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Travel and tourism PowerPoint Presentation
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Travel and tourism

Travel and tourism

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Travel and tourism

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  1. Travel and tourism MCB Unit 5 Class X Prepared by Soniya Joseph TGT English K.V.No.1 CPCRI Kasaragod

  2. India- the current tourism hot spot • Also known as: “Destination of the millennium”and“Land of all Seasons” • Includes dry desert areas, evergreen forests, snowy Himalayas, long coastal areas, and fertile plains.

  3. What else do we offer?? • India is rich with NATURAL BEAUTY and CULTURAL DIVERSITY • Bays, beaches, valleys and backwaters. • India poses a juxtaposition of new and old, modern and traditional like: • Medicine- ayurveda and modern • Family system– joint and nuclear • Bustling communities and indigenous tribes

  4. Athithidevobhava….. • Tourists are most welcome in India because we have the tradition of honouring the guest as God- AthithiDevoBhava. • This wonderful tradition of our country has become the unique selling point of the modern tourism industry in India. • So govt. of India has introduced “Athithidevobhavaprogramme”- a nationwide campaign to train the stakeholders, (how to honour and engage the tourists).

  5. To boost tourism in India, which would act as a catalyst for the the growth of India’s economy. Why do we do all these?

  6. “Incredible India” Campaign • To create awareness about the effects of tourism • to sensitize people about the preservation of our rich heritage and culture, cleanliness and warm hospitality. • to re-instill the sense of responsibility towards tourists and to reinforce the confidence of foreign tourists towards India.

  7. Athithidevobhava – let’s see in detail… An over view… • Last year India had 3.3 million visitors • Singapore- 7 million • Thailand- 9.6 million • Malaysia- 11.5 million • So, India with her cultural richness and natural beauty, can attract many more tourists. Our aim is to increase our numbers by 100%.

  8. What are the drawbacks? In which way we can achieve the aim? • Often, in India, tourists are mistreated, cheated and rudely dealt with. • So we need to change our attitude towards those who visit us. • In spite of the incredible wealth of tourist spots, cultural attractions, natural wonders, and destinations for the soul, India still isn’t among the top 15 tourist destinations of the world. • What can be the reason?????

  9. Vision behind this mission • “In Hindustan our manner is very respectful and our hearts are always open”- An Indian Emperor. • Ancient India was the destination for the enlightened travellers. Now we have to bring that golden period back. • and we found the keystone of what we want to do in our scriptures themselves • That is “Our guest is blessed, our visitor is God” • Thus we initiated the mission called “AthithidevoBhava”

  10. Seven point programmes • 1.Sensitization-people from various sections of the tourism industry. • 2.Training and Induction-how to behave and work in order to satisfy the tourists. • 3. Motivation-awards for the best worker in the industry etc. • 4. Certification- to ensure standards at various stages. • 5. Feedback- from tourists. • 6. General awareness-for the public • 7. Ownership- the ‘Ad DvBv’programme to be taken up by all the sections of society as their own

  11. The charter of the programme • Hygiene and cleanliness-vehicles, hotel rooms, spots and persons involved • Conduct and behavior- all the persons involved like Taxi Drivers, hotel employees • Integrity and honesty- service providers • Safety and security- tourists not to be attacked or robbed, safety from eve teasing. • PR Road Shows- to sensitise people and to create interst. • Mass Media Communication- to involve people