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Travel and Tourism

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Travel and Tourism

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  1. Travel and Tourism Management help@hndassignmnets.co.uk

  2. Table of Content • Introduction 3 • Own Management Skills and Performance 4 • SWOR 6 • SMART Objectives 10 • References 11 help@hndassignmnets.co.uk

  3. Introduction • The term management indicates reaching objectives of an organization through working with and through people and several other resources of the organization. The main purpose of Personal Development Plan is to create a self-analysis process, personal reflection and fair appraisal of one’s strengths and weaknesses. This is what will help in evaluation of leadership value and management training. help@hndassignmnets.co.uk

  4. Own Management Skills and Performance Being the General Manager of Dorchester Luxury Hotel , London I have huge responsibilities to be performed in order to ensure the set goals and objectives of the business is met and need to ensure a clear vision of analysing the environment and outcomes of the set procedures. • The following is a self assessment of my skills being the General Manager: • I believe that my management team are the key to my success, therefore whenever I face any problem I always seek for their assistance and try to resolve things accordingly (Reisinger, 2005); • While delegating work the first thing which comes to my mind is selecting the best ones who can accomplish the task efficiently within least possible time; • I try to maintain a regime of weekly meeting with my management staff through whom I get feedback about the others and suggestions relating to improvement of procedures which will enable the business attract more customers; help@hndassignmnets.co.uk

  5. Cont. • I try to make a careful analysis before arriving to any decision instead of relying on instincts; • I believe that the employees must be given scope and chance to express and figure out the problems themselves and sort out the same at their own capability so that they can express themselves and realize how to work together; • Being the General Manager of a hospitality sector the main concern is well-being of the customers which I believe is done by maintaining discipline among the employees (Reisinger, 2005). • While in meeting I play the role of moderator or facilitator when required and this help in understanding their performance; • I try to motivate the employees by tailoring my approach and try to avoid creation of any conflict; • The goals of each team are assessed and applicability of the same in real time is calculated. This includes introduction of new ideas and future assessment of customers. help@hndassignmnets.co.uk

  6. Strengths

  7. Weakness help@hndassignmnets.co.uk

  8. Opportunity help@hndassignmnets.co.uk

  9. Threats help@hndassignmnets.co.uk

  10. SMART Objectives • Specific – I have to develop more professionally in order to reduce time of decision making so that turnover can be increased at a faster pace, say at the rate of 15% instead of 10%; • Measurable – instead of investing 20% of time in meetings and 10% time in setting development plans I have to increase the time in setting development plans and visit sites personally to understand each and every requirement personally, thereby reducing dependency on management staff; • Achievable – Increase presence on the floor so that I can see myself what is going around and how the front office staffs are interacting with the customers. This will enable to understand the actual performance of the staffs and make judgement on real time basis. Set a target of meeting 50% increases in the number of customers (Sharpley, 2006). help@hndassignmnets.co.uk

  11. Cont. • Realistic – have to increase self potential as well as the potential of the staff through training sessions in order to realize the new innovations and technologies used in hotel industry and make estimate of achieving the same. • Timely – deliver service at the correct time so that time utility is created. Timely service will increase faith of the customers. help@hndassignmnets.co.uk

  12. help@hndassignmnets.co.uk

  13. References • Agenda 21 for the travel & tourism industry. (1995). London: World Travel & Tourism Council. • Boniface, B. and Cooper, C. (2001). Worldwide destinations. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann. • Reisinger, Y. (2005). Travel Anxiety and Intentions to Travel Internationally: Implications of Travel Risk Perception. Journal of Travel Research, 43(3), pp.212-225. • Sharpley, R. (2006). Travel and tourism. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. • Tourism, globalization and development: responsible toursim planning. (2004). Choice Reviews Online, 41(05), pp.41-2927-41-2927. • Travel & tourism. (1993). Brussels, Belgium: World Travel & Tourism Council. • United Kingdom travel & tourism. (1996). London: World Travel & Tourism Council. help@hndassignmnets.co.uk

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