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Travel and Tourism

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Travel and Tourism Level 3 BTEC National Award The Course The BTEC National Award in Travel and Tourism is designed to equip learners with the knowledge, understanding and skills required for success when moving towards a career in a Leisure or Tourism environment.

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travel and tourism

Travel and Tourism

Level 3

BTEC National Award

the course
The Course
  • The BTEC National Award in Travel and Tourism is designed to equip learners with the knowledge, understanding and skills required for success when moving towards a career in a Leisure or Tourism environment.
  • The course will allow learners to investigate many aspects of Travel, including visits to companies, both locally and nationally, and to further understand why tourism is vital to the UK economy.

Travel & Tourism

what is a btec
What is a BTEC?
  • BTEC Nationals are equivalent to A Levels or other Level 3 qualifications and are valued as highly by Universities, Further Education Colleges, Higher Education Institutions and employers
  • BTEC Nationals earn you UCAS points: the equivalence being: BTEC National Award = 1 x A Level

Travel & Tourism

ucas points
UCAS Points

Travel & Tourism

time frame
Time Frame
  • The course is studied over a period of 2 years
  • The National Award in Travel & Tourism consists of three core units plus specialist units

Travel & Tourism

compulsory units
Compulsory Units
  • Investigating Travel & Tourism a general look at what makes a tourist, where they go, what organisations focus on travel
  • The Business of Travel and Tourismhow organisations get money, cash flow forecasts, visits to organisations, speakers
  • The UK as a Destination
  • Geography of the UK, brochures about major UK destinations, visits to York, Edinburgh or London, current issues in the UK for travellers

Travel & Tourism

specialist units
Customer Service

Visits to organisations, looking

at customer service, their policies, mystery shoppers, quality frameworks, comparisons of customer service

Employment in the Industry

career opportunities, skills audits, interviews, paperwork

Retail and Business Travel Operations

how a travel agent works, visits, costing exercises, tickets and paperwork, guest speakers

Specialist Units

Travel & Tourism

  • Exams work well for some people. But others find them daunting and struggle to see how they fit in to the real world of work
  • You don’t take exams with BTEC. Instead, each assignment you complete goes towards a unit result
  • The unit results then contribute to your overall result

Travel & Tourism

unit grading
Unit Grading
  • To achieve a pass grade, learners must meet all of the pass criteria
  • To achieve a merit grade, the learner must meet all the pass criteria and all of the merit criteria
  • To achieve a distinction grade, the learner must meet all of the pass criteria, all of the merit criteria as well as all of the distinction criteria

Travel & Tourism

awarding a qualification grade
Awarding a qualification grade
  • The qualification grade will be calculated through the aggregation of points achieved through the successful achievement of individual units.
  • For the calculation of a qualification grade for a BTEC National Award a learner must:
    • complete all designated units
    • achieve a minimum points score of
      • - 36 points

Travel & Tourism

course content
Course Content
  • This course is delivered using a mixture of practical, work related and theoretical tasks and activities. It is mainly classroom based
  • There are numerous guest speakers, and many local visits to Travel Agents, Museums, TIC’s, Leisure centres and Theatres, as well as a residential in year 13 to enhance your tourism knowledge.

Travel & Tourism

this qualification will
This Qualification will:
  • Enable you to make an informed judgement of your suitability to vocational career in the Travel Industry
  • Prepare you for entry into a tourism or leisure environment
  • Enable you to acquire the skills for entry into Higher Education in a Travel or customer service environment

Travel & Tourism