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Ecuador's Travel and Tourism

Ecuador's Travel and Tourism. Home Page. Activities and Festivities. Carnival. Celebrated in February or March Ends on Ash Wednesday Colorful Parades Teenagers and Children throw water balloons, bags of flour, and use water guns to get each other messy. . Holy Week (Semana Santa).

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Ecuador's Travel and Tourism

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  1. Ecuador's Travel and Tourism Home Page

  2. Activities and Festivities

  3. Carnival • Celebrated in February or March • Ends on Ash Wednesday • Colorful Parades • Teenagers and Children throw water balloons, bags of flour, and use water guns to get each other messy.

  4. Holy Week (Semana Santa) • Celebrated the week before Easter; starts on Palm Sunday • Parades on the streets on Good Friday Fanesca is the traditional soup for Holy Week. It is made with Bacalao (salt fish)

  5. Corpus Cristi • Held on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday. • More popular in the highland regions • Celebrated in different ways according to the tradition of each town. • Some towns involve costumes, music and dancing, while others consist of masked dancers through the streets • Brave men of the town will climb 12 meter high greased poles to obtain a prize.

  6. San Juan Bautista • Week long festival • Begins on June 24 • Celebration honors Pachamama (mother earth) • Involves local men dressed up in varied costumes, that dance from house to house until they reach the San Juan Chapel, where they start throwing rocks at each other.

  7. Held June 29 each year • However, start the night before with bonfires in the streets • Women who want to become pregnant jump over the bonfires in hope that they will become pregnant San Pedro and San Pablo

  8. New Years Ecuadorians celebrate New Years with old years. They stuff dummies with paper, sawdust and firecrackers. Show the dummies to the whole country before burning them.

  9. Ecuador's Attractions

  10. Located in the middle of the Andes Mountains • Hot springs and picturesque landscapes • Hiking, Mountain biking, Horseback riding, & White river rafting Banos

  11. Cotopaxi National Park • Near Latacunga • Highest active volcano in the world • Perfect cone shaped, snow covered top • Home to wild horses, deer, lamas, pumas, and Andean condors • Small museum which showcases the park’s geology and stuffed animals

  12. Otavalo • Small town about 100 km north of Quito. • Saturday mornings, natives display their goods in the Poncho Square • Sell carpets, blankets, belts, to many other accessories; created with the skill of their hands

  13. El Cajas National Park Popular for fishing, hiking, and camping More than 275 lakes waterfalls

  14. Amazon Rainforest • 2% of the Amazon Rainforest is located in Ecuador • 1/3 of its total species diversity • Days drive of Quito

  15. Galapagos Islands • 13 Major Volcanic Islands • 500 miles off Ecuador’s westcoast • Home to the rarest and most spectacular animals, plants and fauna in the world • Snorkeling, sailing, scuba diving • Bird watching

  16. Cuenca • Colonial town • Cobbled streets, ironwork balconies, red-tiled roofs • Churches, museums and art galleries Town Chapel Homes

  17. New Cathedral • Situated in the heart of Cuenca • Sky blue curpolas • Magnificent altar • Famous crowned image of the Virgin Mary

  18. Malecon 2000 • Lively boardwalk situated in Guayaquil • Along the Rio Guayas • Well-patrolled • Food stands, eateries, historical and modern buildings

  19. Parque Historico Guayaquil • Newly built park • Contains century-old buildings • Nature Reserve and Zoo

  20. Ingapirca Inca Ruins Large and impressive to see

  21. Beaches

  22. Salinas • Most well known of Ecuador’s beaches • Beach-resort town • Whale watch, surf, sky-dive, hang-glide, jet ski, ski and yacht • Thermal baths not far away • Most expensive beach in Ecuador

  23. Puerto Lopez • Salsa Clubs • Sunny beaches

  24. Montanita • Highly recommended • Relax, surf, wall-climbing, paragliding

  25. Great Party spot in Ecuador • Much drinking and celebration Atacames

  26. Mompiche • Popular among backpackers and surfers • Big waves • Black sand • Inexpensive lodging

  27. Words to know before you go... English Hello Goodbye Yes No Friend Thank you Napkin Fork Knife Spoon Plate Water Spanish Hola Adios Si No Amigo (male) Amiga (female) Gracias Servilleta Tenedor Cuchillo Cuchara Plato Agua

  28. Words to know continued... Pan Mantequilla Te Cafe Sal Pimienta Lejos Cerca ?Donde esta el bano? ?Cuanto hay de aqui? ?Como se llama usted? Mi nombre es ?Cuanto cuesta esto? Bread Butter Tea Coffee Salt Pepper Far Near Where is the bathroom? How far is it? What is your name? My name is How much does it cost?

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