basketball unit l.
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Basketball Unit

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Basketball Unit - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Basketball Unit Brett Bergey CI 350 Basketball Introduction: This lesson plan is based on Basketball and should teach young adults about basketball. Analyze Learners This unit is for high school students.

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basketball unit

Basketball Unit

Brett Bergey

CI 350

  • Introduction: This lesson plan is based on Basketball and should teach young adults about basketball.
analyze learners
Analyze Learners
  • This unit is for high school students.
  • The unit is being taught under the assumption that they know a little bit about basketball already.
state objectives
State Objectives
  • State objectives
  • West Virginia content and state objectives
    • PE.HS.3.2 participate in physical activity in addition to physical education class.
    • PE.HS.5.3 follow proper procedures, demonstrate etiquette and fair play in physical activity settings.
    • PE.HS.2.1 identify discipline specific skills
    • PE.HS.2.2 identify and use characteristics of highly skilled performance to enable development of movement proficiency
    • PE.HS.1.1 demonstrate competency/proficiency in team sports.
performance objectives
Performance Objectives
  • Understand the rules of basketball
  • Understand the game of basketball
  • Understand the importance of teamwork
  • Practice and improve individual skills
  • Put individual skills together and work as a team
  • Basketballs
  • Basketball Hoops
  • Basketball Court
  • Gym attire
  • Basketball Shoes
daily plans
Daily Plans
  • Day one- I will go over the rules.
  • If time permits we will get out the balls and shoot around
  • Day two- Go over the proper way to shoot, dribble, pass, and defend.
  • We will do drills for all of the new skills learned
daily plans9
Daily Plans
  • Day three- Start out with a game called knockout
  • 3 vs 3 games at the end
  • Day four- knockout
  • 5 on 5 real basketball
  • Skills test
  • Rules test
daily plans10
Daily Plans
  • Day five- Round robin tournament of 5 on 5 basketball
required learner participation
Required learner participation
  • In gym class participation is huge and if you don’t participate you won’t do well.
  • I expect everyone who is healthy to participate.
  • Lack of participation and effort will result in a lower grade.
  • Students will be given a rules and skills test
  • Participation
  • Behavior