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New product « News feeds » « My Integrum ». Information search and analysis. Integrum databases include the following sources : 700+ sources of central press , 2000+ of regional press , 40+ of foreign mass media , 130+ of Internet media , 116 of TV and radio monitoring ,

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New product «News feeds»

«My Integrum»

Informationsearch and analysis

  • Integrum databases include the following sources:

  • 700+sources of central press,

  • 2000+of regional press,

  • 40+ of foreign mass media,

  • 130+of Internet media,

  • 116of TV and radio monitoring,

  • 80+of CIS information agencies

All words in queries and all references count for finding the

needed publications, including hyperlinks to the objects

concerned as source information for publications as well as

publications directly connected to the relevant objects.

My Integrum- is a service that enables users to receive comprehensive current information on any topic of their interest - any events going on in the political, economic, social and cultural life of Russia, the former USSR countries and all over the world.

New opportunities:

1. Besides publications the news feeds «My Integrum» now contain a list of basic «Events»of user’s interest;

2. There is a new opportunity to set news feeds and monitorings individually and to obtain ready-made reports for a specific time span in the service “Monitoring”.

«News feeds» are personalized

For clients’ convenience Integrum specialists make all the

necessary settings for them to get information relevant to

theirsphere of interests.

In addition to the on-line feeds, the latest publications of customer

interest can be e-mailed every hour or day on request.

Promptitude and quality

Clients no longer need to understand details of system settings, query language and information distribution.

It makes no difference what information is requested by the client, whether it is the latest issue of “Kommersant” or prices for a car in Moscow. All the information is full and prompt. In case the client wants to change anything, company specialists are at his disposal.

Perfect for details

1. Easy to read

2. Simple


3. Personalized


Save your time
Save Your Time

Company specialists set themes on request.

All rubrics are updatedon-line so that the client can view all the necessary information relevant to the sphere of his interests.


Besides regularly updating news feeds and information search “My Integrum” provides ready-made analytical reports by means of the instrument “Monitoring”

Monitoring may contain selection of mass media publications for a specific time span or analytical information in form of diagrams according to parameters set by the user.

Monitoring allows to
Monitoring allows to:

- view the proportion of positive and negative publications.

  • trace the dynamics of publications in mass media ofall objects of monitoring (for a week monitoring - daily, for a month monitoring - weekly).

- obtain data about mass media with the highest amount of publication (more than 2%) relevant to objects of monitoring.

- trace the dynamics of publications in mass media by all objects of monitoring for a specific time span

- distribute publications by regions.

- estimate readership of a particular publication and many more options.

To get the information on subscription to My Integrum outside of the Russian Federation

please contact Integrum World Wide at [email protected]