best basketball fundamental drills basketball n.
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Best Basketball Fundamental Drills, Basketball Training Equipment PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Basketball Fundamental Drills, Basketball Training Equipment

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Best Basketball Fundamental Drills, Basketball Training Equipment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Find and save ideas about best basketball fundamental drills and basketball training equipment at

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Best Basketball Fundamental Drills, Basketball Training Equipment

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best basketball fundamental drills basketball

Best Basketball Fundamental Drills, Basketball Training Equipment

Find and save ideas about best basketball fundamental drills and basketball training equipment at

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Getting Your Players Off To A Good Start and

Excited For The New Season

Getting your players off to a good start and excited

for the season starts with your attitude as a coach.

Players are like lie detectors, they can tell when

you are not telling the truth. If you are not excited,

if you are not looking forward to the season, they

will know. You must prepare yourself first, and then

prepare your team.Communicate with your players. Don’t keep secrets from them. Get them the game

schedule early; let them see what they are working for. By the way, I have always been a believer in

sharing the daily practice plan with my team. I have found that knowledge is empowering. If you

empower your team, they will follow you everywhere.

Be sure that they know the purpose for each drill and how it will help them be better players. If players

think you are just in the gym beating them up they will not respond. Try to define their roles early and

let them grow into them. Be inclusionary, spend time with your lesser players. That will motivate them

to be better players and they will help you during the tough days of the season.Research and use team-

building activities. This will be different with each team because it will be specific to the personality of

each team. Spend time with your players off the court and that will open the door to them spending

time with each other.Find out from your players what their expectations are.

Keep in mind that once the season starts, they have to meet your expectations. This will help guide you

during the season.You may own the team during the season. Give players ownership of their team in the

preseason. Let them run workouts; see what type of leadership comes out of it. Let them problem solve

and watch how high they set the bar. You can always adjust it.Most importantly, the preseason is the

time you set the tone for your year. It might be the only time players feel comfortable approaching you.

They are under no pressure, their self-esteem does not rise and fall with wins and losses. Use the time


What is a set play?

A set play is a strategically planned and choreographed sequence of movements to get open shots and

score points. Generally speaking the sequence is run through just one time.Set plays are quick hitters to

score points at a certain point during the game. They should not be your entire offensive system.

when should you use set plays a set play

When should you use set plays?

A set play typically adds a twist to an offense. It gives you the opportunity to show the defense

something different to keep them off balance. Plays can run into your motion offense, or you could

choose to run a play after running your offense for a certain amount of time.

Set plays are most commonly run out of the following special situations:

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How Philadelphia’s Ben Simmons is making such an impact in the NBA

Before Ben Simmons played a single minute of NBA basketball, the comparisons were startling: the

young Australian was being talked of as the next LeBron James, Magic Johnson or Oscar Robertson.

In today’s NBA, where many top prospects enter the league with just a solitary year of college

basketball, such heady comparisons can often be a death knell. Yet for the special few, the pressure

allows them to thrive.Twelve games into Simmons’ NBA career, being mentioned in the same breath as

Hall of Famers does not seem unwarranted.

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