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Road to Revolution PowerPoint Presentation
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Road to Revolution

Road to Revolution

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Road to Revolution

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  1. Road to Revolution • Elected officials • Freedom of Speech • Right to own land • Vote • Jury Trials What went wrong?

  2. The French and Indian War 1754 – 1760 Cost a huge amount of money

  3. Stamp Act (1765) was not just economic, it was political and most important cultural

  4. “We have an old Mother who peevish is grown.She snubs us like children that scarce walk alone.She forgets that we’re grown with sense of our own. If we don’t obey orders, whatever the case.She frowns and she chides and loses all patience.And sometimes she hits us a slap in the face. Her orders are so, we often suspect,That age has impaired her of sound intellect:But still, an old Mother should have due respect...” Untitled poem by Benjamin Franklin

  5. 1770 Boston Massacre Is this picture fact or fiction?

  6. Boston Tea Party 1773 Cause Reaction from the Tea Act which required Colonists to get tea from the East India Co. exclusively. Result (Effect) The Intolerable Acts, Closing the Port of Boston Suspending state legislators etc. Symbolic for breaking cultural ties with England (tea) ( a new identity forming) and moral symbolism of the “noble savage” the Mohawk Indian.

  7. 1775 Lexington/Concord British Soldiers move to find stolen cannons. Fighting breaks out. “Shot Heard Round the World.”

  8. Thomas Jefferson: Drafter of the Declaration of Independence, Secretary of State, 3rd President, Founder of the University of Virginia, Author of the Virginal Declaration of Religious Rights, Inventor, Planter, Slave owner Built directly on John Locke’s ideas of Natural Law

  9. The draft of the Declaration was revised first by Adams and Franklin, and then by the full committee. A total of 47 alterations, including the insertion of three complete paragraphs, were made to the text before it was presented to Congress on June 28. After voting for independence on July 2, Congress continued to refine the document, making 39 additional revisions to the committee draft before its final adoption on the morning of July 4.