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Community Helpers

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Community Helpers
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Community Helpers

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  1. Community Helpers Jen Hensley & Laura Meyer

  2. Table of Contents • Learning Objectives • Theme • Vocabulary • 10 Developmentally Appropriate Activities • Evaluation • Student References • Teacher References • Media References

  3. Objectives • Each student will understand what a community helper is. • Each student will be able to identify community helpers and provide an explanation of their duties. • Each student will be able to identify a tool that a community helper uses in their job.

  4. Theme • The importance of community helpers in our daily lives. The theme will also provide children with understanding what each community helper does, and what tools they use in the daily job. • Grade Level: Kindergarten • Unit: Social Studies

  5. Vocabulary • Community • Helper • Neighborhood • Engine • Siren • Stethoscope • Thermometer • Hammer • Envelopes • Community Helpers • Veterinarian • Police Officer • Mail Carrier • Doctor • Nurse • Teacher • Construction Worker • Fire Fighter • Mail • Stamp

  6. Introductory Activity • As an introduction to Community Helpers put on a puppet show and have student volunteers play different parts. • This will introduce what a community helper is and what they do.

  7. Activity #1 • Have children brain storm in developing a graphic organizer how children can be community helpers. • Have the students write a paragraph about an encounter they have had with a community helper.

  8. Activity #2 • Read the book Community Helpers from A to Z by Bobbie Kalman to the students and discuss what community helpers are and what jobs they do. • Have students develop picture books by reading about and interviewing a worker in their neighborhood

  9. Activity #3 • Create a community club in the classroom have each child select a role of a community helper. • Have students take over the duties of that job in the classroom for a week.

  10. Activity #4 • As a whole group create a map where the different community helpers work in your own community. • Have the students then pretend they are a mail deliverer and they need to create a map that will show their route. • The students will write letters and the postmen will have to use their maps to help them deliver their letters.

  11. Activity #5 • Have the students research in non-fiction books to find how community helpers provide services differently. • Have students choose a community helper and have them show or tell about the how they provide service.

  12. Activity #6 • Have students create classroom rules. • Make a chart of the rules the government has made for our safety. • Have students talk about the president, and have a class discussion on what they would do if they were president for the day.

  13. Activity #7 • The students will create a list of the tools certain community helpers use in their jobs. • The students will bring in two tools that a community helper may use in their daily job and discuss how/why it helps that person do their job.

  14. Activity #8 • Ladder CountingTake some masking tape and tape a ladder form to the floor, with each "step" about 1' apart.  Put the numbers 1-10 on index cards with a magic marker and tape them in the upper left hand corner of the rung/step. Use flash cards to have the student draw (or hand them any number).  They then have to jump "up the ladder" a step at a time, counting as they go, until they reach the number on their card. Students who are observing can help with counting to reinforce their numbers.

  15. Activity #9 • Have a Police Officer come and visit your room. Officer can talk about safety, and what his job entails. Have students write a pledge on how to keep their community safe.

  16. Activity #10 • Have a firefighter come into the classroom to explain to the students what he does everyday that helps the community to be a safer place. • Have the firefighter demonstrate with the students how to stop, drop, and roll.

  17. Evaluation 1.) What community helper would you take your cat to? a. Doctor b. Mail Carrier c. Construction Worker d. Veterinarian 2.)What community helper would you take your letter to? a. Doctor b. Mail Carrier c. Construction worker c. Veterinarian

  18. Evaluation 3.) If you didn’t feel well which community helper would you visit? a. Doctor b. Mail Carrier c. Construction Worker d.Veterinarian 4.) Which of the following community helper would wear a safety helmet? a. Doctor b. Mail Carrier c. Construction Worker d.Veterinarian

  19. Evaluation 5.) What community helper would use a hammer for a tool at their job? a. Doctor b. Mail Carrier c. Construction Worker c.Veterinarian 6.) What community helper would use a stethoscope? a. Doctor b. Mail Carrier c. Construction Worker d.Veterinarian

  20. Evaluation 7.) Which community helper wears mostly blue and white? a. Doctor b. Mail Carrier c. Construction Worker c.Veterinarian 8.) Which community helper sees lots of animals in a day. a. Doctor b. Mail Carrier c. Construction Worker c.Veterinarian

  21. Student References • I Want To Be A Vet by Dan Liebma • This book talks about the importance of a veterinarian’s job. It also talks about the importance of animals visiting the vet. • I Want To Be A Police Officer by Dan Liebma • This book talks about the importance of a police officer’s job. The book also explains how police officer jobs are to protect us.

  22. Student References • The Post Office Book: Mail and How it Moves by Gail Gibbons • Gibbons takes readers step-by-step through the mailing process, from the moment the letter is dropped into a mailbox until it reaches its final destination. She includes a glossary and a brief history of message-sending. • Officer Brown Keeps Neighborhoods Safe by Alice Flanagan • Introduces a female deputy chief of the Hartford, Connecticut, police and discusses the things she is expected to do in her job

  23. Student References • Community Helpers from A to Z by Bobbie Kalman • An alphabet book introducing occupations oriented to the community, including emergency workers, medical workers, the service industry, and business. • A Day in the Life of a Construction Worker by Heather Adamson • Spend a day with a construction worker. Go with Brad to the job site and see how homes are built.

  24. Student References • A Day in the Life of a Teacher by Heather Adamson • Spend the day with Mrs. Chan. Go along with her as she teaches her class, corrects homework, and helps her students. • Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government • • This websites allows children to click on the different places in the neighborhood to find out which community helper works there, and what they do.

  25. Student References • Community Scrambler • • This web site allows children to unscramble different words about the community and community helpers. If they can unscramble all of the words the community will be saved. • Match the Community Helpers • • This website allows children to match the community helpers to the different tools they use

  26. Teacher References • Thematic Poetry for the Classroom- Neighborhood and Communities by Betsy Franco-Feeney • More than 30 Perfect Poems with Instant Activities to Enrich Your Lessons, Build Literacy and Celebrate the Joy of Poetry. Add pizzazz to thematic units, daily lessons, and shared-reading time with this charming collection of easy-to-read poems that celebrate the places and faces. • Helping Hands by Evan- Moor Educational Publishers • Self-reliance, helping others, responsibility, good manners, getting to know community helpers -- these are the things this unit will help young students learn

  27. Teacher References • Big Book of Teaching Posters Community Helpers : 12 Teaching Posters and Lessons for Classroom Use by Henry Blackaby • This book provides posters and lessons for the classroom that will give children a full understanding of the importance of community helpers. • Community Helpers Teaching Theme • • This website provides a variety of information for teachers. This website includes lesson plans, activities, graphic organizers, and ideas for learning centers

  28. Media References Games: • Community helper Concentration Games • • Community Scrambler • • Spot the Sign • • Workers and their hats Matching game • • What they provide for us” •

  29. Media References Power points: • Community helpers in our neighborhood • • There are four power points references on this one site for teachers, and four for students.

  30. Media References Books: • Interactive Audio Book online • Community workers by Darlene Hardwick • The Berenstain Bears, The New Neighbors by Stan & Jan Berenstain • Hi, Neighbor—Projects and activities about our community (Scholastic) • 15 Easy-To-Read Neighborhood & Community Mini-Book Plays (Scholastic) by Sheryl Ann Crawford and Nancy I Sanders • At Play in the Community by Judy Nayer

  31. Media References Websites: • This websites explores the different communitiy helpers in your neighborhood • • This site gives a good introduction about community helpers. What is a community? Who are community helpers? What make makes someone a community helper? •

  32. Media References Websites (cont.): • This site provides information about different jobs of community helpers. Each unit has a test and includes audio. Click on community workers to learn about their jobs. • • Watch an animated story fo a firefighter • • This site provides information about various types of veterinarians and their jobs. Pictures and video clips of how a veterinarian works are included. •

  33. Media References Songs: • “Community Helpers Are At Your Service” • ( To the tune of “Shortnin’ Bread of clapped to the rhythm of “Patty Cake”) • “Community Helper Song” • (Tune: "Farmer In the Dell") • “The People In Your Neighborhood” • Down at the Firehouse (Tune: "Down by the Station")

  34. Media References Videos: • Ricky’s Room- Community Helpers DVD 2003 • Synopsis: Join Ricky the rhinoceros and his little sister, Nicki, as they lead children through fun songs and dances about the important people who make our communities safe and comfortable for us to.

  35. Media References Bulletin Boards: • •

  36. Media References Puppets and Dramatic Play: • Use puppets to introduce a community helpers theme. Have the children put on a play using the puppets. •